Kindle DX is a Calculator

Looks like I’ve found a new Easter Egg in Kindle DX. I’ve just tested my Kindle 2 and it doesn’t seem to do the trick with 2.0.3 software.

If you type mathematical expression like 2+2 in the search box on the home page the result shown would be result of this expression. See screenshot:

Kindle DX Calculator Easter Egg

Kindle DX Calculator Easter Egg

I’ve played around with it and it seems to support following operations:

  • Basic math: plus, minus, multiplication, division, power (^) and square root (sqrt)
  • Parenthesis
  • Trigonometry: sin, cos, tan, atan
  • Division by zero yields infinity result (∞)

I found this by sheer chance as I was trying to use search to find one of the two hundred PDF files I’m testing Kindle DX with right now by a portion of it’s name (6-2-3). Turns out Kindle DX doesn’t index file names but it did tell me that 6-2-3=1 :)

It would be great for Amazon to also add currency conversion as part of this calculator.

Hacking the kindle.

Recently I stumbled upon a blog which describes how to hack Kindle in great details. Even though I’m not a big hacker myself it is quite interesting to see what is going on in my Kindle internals and what steps I would need to take in order to modify it.

Based on his post in order to see Kindle boot sequence you will have to do some additional electrical wiring. That’s how crude final connected version looks like.

If you want to hack you Kindle you’ll need several things:

– Some electrical engineering education… Or be a hacker in your soul.

– a TTL-RS232 or TTL-USB converter.

– a 20-pin 0.5mm pitch flat flex cable with a connector.

– Strong desire to do it.

Or you can keep it simple and send your Kindle to Igor and ask him to hack it :)

Read his entire post on connecting Kindle to a hacking device.

In the next post I’ll try to cover more aspects on kindle hack process I read about in Igor’s blog. It will include some hidden features and easter eggs you have in your Kindle.

If you have tried hacking Kindle and successfully done so please send details to me. I would love to post about them.