Where to Buy Kindle this Holiday Season

This holiday season, you have a ton of options on where you can purchase a Kindle or Kindle DX.  For those of you who prefer shopping in stores instead of online, you are in luck because major retail stores such as Target (NYSE: TGT), Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) and Staples (NASDAQ:SPLS) carry the e-reader.  So, let’s take a look at the details and perks on what each store offers.

Amazon – The Kindle 3G and Wi-Fi are available for $189 and $139 respectively.  Amazon makes it easy by providing links on the main page.  Open up an Amazon Prime account and you can get unlimited free two day shipping on all of your orders.

If you are a student and join Amazon Student, Amazon Prime is free!  Ahhh the perks of being a student are endless.

Best Buy – Kindles are not available to purchase on Bestbuy.com, however, you can find a variety of Kindle accessories such as covers and screen protectors.  They have a free shipping deal going on now for the holidays as well.

Target – Same deal here.  Kindles are only available in the store, but you can find a wide variety of covers and screen protectors.  The prices are about the same as they are on Amazon.

Staples – You have variety of Kindle accessories to choose from, and they offer free shipping for orders over $50.

Ebay – I was surprised to find that the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi is actually more expensive on Ebay (NASDAQ: EBAY) than Amazon.  The prices I saw were $159.99, $169.99 and $172.  I did find a Kindle DX for $295, but it was a previous generation.  You can find great deals on accessories though.  Covers were less than $10.

So, you have a good set of choices here.  For the first time, you have a choice of trying a Kindle before you buy one, and prices are quite reasonable.  I’ve seen a lot of great deals so far this holiday season.  Keep an eye on Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).  Last year I got free two day shipping on my Kindle a week before Christmas.

Kindle Still Selling On eBay

sold out kindleLast December the news was that the Kindle’s up for auction were selling like hot cakes, I thought now that the hype and buzz surrounding the Kindle has calmed down a bit, we should go back and see what the situation is over at eBay.

In December, the Kindle was selling for an average price of $864.04, that was more than double the retail price. Predictably, since then thing have changed and this week the Kindle is selling for an average price of $421.33. The most a Kindle was being auctioned for that I could find $600.00, contrast that with the $1500 just a couple of months ago and its seems like Kindle has truly lost x-factor, at least on eBay it has.

So if you don’t like your Kindle it seems as though you can still sell without losing any money. So when Amazon gets more Kindles back in stock, the auction prices should drop a bit more so those of you who don’t own one already might be able to pick up one at a bargain price. That’s assuming Amazon ever gets any back in stock because it seems like forever now that there hasn’t been any in stock, of-course we’ll let you know as soon as Amazon gets them back in stock.

Kindle on eBay Madness

sold out kindle
After selling out in just 5.5 hours, prospective Kindle buyers are turning their attention to eBay where the price of an average Kindle is $864.04, that’s more then double the retail price of $399.00, one desperate bidder paid $1500 for theirs! Prices on eBay.com range from $600 to $1500.

Dont you wish you had ordered a couple of Kindles on launch day, you could have sold one of them on eBay which would have easily paid for the other one. With the remaining cash you could have downloaded a couple of titles from the Amazon store as-well.

Aside from limited availability, buyers from outside the United States are likely driving the Kindle’s price up, as they are not able to buy it directly from Amazon. However, prices will surely fall once more Kindle owners try to make a quick buck selling their device, just as many did with the Apple iPhone over the summer.

You can keep up to date with the latest Kindle auctions by heading over to Terapeak