Create a personal newspaper for your Kindle with Feedbooks — a site we have previously mentioned on this site —  has a new feature which allows Kindle users to download RSS feed directly onto the Kindle in a way creating your very own personal newspaper from multiple feeds.

From MobileRead forums by Hadrien;

Feedbooks provide an easy way for Kindle users to download and read RSS feeds directly on their device:

  1. You can create a file for a single feed:
  2. … or you can create a newspaper with multiple feeds:
  3. Generate a Mobipocket/Kindle file and transfer the file to your Kindle through USB or e-mail
  4. Once the file is on your Kindle, you can directly update your feeds inside the file, through the link on the cover or in the main menu of the file
  5. You can also subscribe to these feeds/newspapers from the main website and download those subscriptions from the mobile website:

Here’s an example, just add this file on your Kindle to read the feed from Mobileread:

It is a smart idea to provide feeds in an “offline” format for those times when your Kindle had no wireless signal.

One of the most interesting things to try once this feature is online will be to read a blook (blog+book), which is basically a serialized novel published on a blog. For the last 2 years, Lulu even created a Blooker Prize to award the best blooks. I’m not a huge fan of LCD screens for reading, but with an e-paper device on my hands, things are much different and I’ll probably start reading a few blooks and hope that I’ll find one that suits me pretty well.

Create your own newspaper for you Kindle at Feedbooks: It will be interesting to keep your eye on this service and see how it evolves.

Source: MobileRead forums, Feedbooks

Feedbooks – Hundreds of Free Kindle eBooks

feedbooksSome of you may have noticed the Feedbooks link in the sidebar, I recommend that if you have got a Kindle or any other eBook reader that you check it out. So what is Feebdooks all about?

Feedbooks supply public domain books and Creative Commons titles for E-Paper devices. What is great for Kindle owners is that they now support the Mobipocket/Kindle format. So you can read non-encrypted Mobi format eBooks on your Kindle.

There are a wide variety of eBooks covering most genre’s, you can search by author, title, top downloads, recently added and most recommended. Most eBooks are available in 5 or 6 different formats;

  1. epub
  2. Mobipocket/Kindle
  3. PDF A4
  4. Sony Reader
  5. iLiad
  6. Custom PDF

For those of you who need the help, Feedbooks provides a detailed Kindle help section to help you get the eBooks onto your Kindle. The process is not that complicate, I promise!
One of the best features on the ‘Custom PDF’ (screenshot below) option where you can set the height and width of the file which is very useful if you have got a PDA or anything else with a small screen.

feedbooks custom pdf

Feedbooks also offer a service where you can upload and share your eBooks with the rest of the world. Similar to Amazons Digital Text Platform service. Feedbooks does all the hard work, all you have to do is write and tag your submission. We’ll keep an eye on this service and report and developments in the future.

Feedbooks is a great site for Kindle owners to I recommend you check it out

You might also want to subscribe to the Feedbooks blog, its updates occasionally with useful tips, updates to the site and developer news.