The Big Short Kindle Edition

Many of you are probably familiar with the hit movie, “The Blind Side.”  It is based on a novel of the same name by Michael Lewis.  The Blind Side is the story of a black high school boy named Michael Oher who has nothing but a gift for playing football to his credit.  He is taken in by the Tuohy’s, a wealthy white Christian family who put him in a good high school and nurtures his talent for football.  This book takes a glimpse at the personal bond between people from polar opposite ends of the spectrum in society.

In addition to covering Michael’s personal experiences, the novel takes a look at the game of football as a whole.  It provides details on the history of the game and how it has evolved over the past 40 years.

Lewis is well known for writing sports themed novels, as well as ones that provide inside accounts on the business and financial market on Wall Street.

Lewis’s latest novel, The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, really gets into the nitty gritty of the Wall Street melt down of 2007-2008.  This novel is on the Kindle and Kindle DX Top 100 list.  Based on one review, Lewis takes a unique perspective on the meltdown by using a group of obscure hedge fund managers as his cast of characters instead of the big names of Wall Street.  The characters in this novel provide a lot of wisdom and insight on the crisis.  They saw it coming before it actually began. I think it is neat to get the viewpoint of the people who are hidden from the public spotlight.  They are easier to relate to and often are much more honest about the state of affairs.

The Big Short is a sequel in a sense to Liar’s Poker, a similar inside look at the recession of the 1980’s.  Lewis worked as a bond salesman for a company called Salomon Brothers that pays him well despite little effort on his part.  The reader gets a real glimpse of how Wall Street was run in the 1980’s, which reveals a shocking amount of treachery and deception.  The novel describes the history of “junk bonds” and chronicles the events in the years that led to the stock market crash of 1987.  Anyone who is interested in learning more about how Wall Street works or learning more about business terminology should read both books.

Forbes for Kindle

Forbes Magazine is a bi-weekly publication that is available for $2.49 on the Kindle.  Overall, the reviews of the Kindle edition are good, but suggest that Amazon insert better tables and graphics.

Forbes was founded in 1917 by B.C. Forbes, a Scottish immigrant who lived and worked in South Africa and New York City prior to starting the magazine.  The original title was said to be Doers and Doings, but this phrase ended up as part of the official title: Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings.

Forbes was to be a magazine about doers and doings, “faithful to the facts and fair to the man whom it writes about” and written, as a blurb on the back cover promised, in a way “that does not necessitate the laymen engaging an interpreter.” more

Some of the topics covered every issue of Forbes include articles on the worlds of industry, finance, international business, marketing, law, taxes, science, technology, communications, investments, entrepreneurships, etc. This publication boasts more than 5 million readers in the business world on a global scale, including seven foreign language editions.

The Forbes Empire remains one of the largest and most successful family businesses of its kind in the world. Steve Forbes, once a political candidate for President of the United States of America, is the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and has a column in every issue called “Fact and Comment” which is popular with Forbes readers.

Every year, Forbes publishes its very popular list of the richest people and the biggest companies on Earth. The magazine and the stories in each issue focus on the movers and shakers of the financial and business arena. Forbes is also the best of the business periodicals that are published today for discovering new investment ideas and is more investor focused than other business magazines. Today’s market is incredibly volatile and rapidly changing so Forbes is a great resource to keep abreast of the trends and issues concerning the market.