Free Kindle Books For New Owners

There’re any number of new Kindle owners out there now, thanks to the holiday gift giving season.  Mayhaps you picked one up for yourself, but chances are good that many new owners are those who didn’t see it coming.  The first thing you’re going to want to do, of course, is get some reading done!  The fact that the Kindle is one of the few eReaders to come with no preloaded content can be a bit off-putting to new users for exactly this reason, but there are options! You just have to know where to look.

Kindle Classics

The easiest books to find cheaply, or in this case freely, have always been those out of copyright pieces that nobody really has any claim to.  If you’re interested in classic literature, and I’m going to assume that you are, then you want to check out the Kindle Popular Classics section of the Kindle Store.  They have thousands of titles sitting around for you at no cost that you are almost certain to recognize.

Didn’t find what you were looking for there?  The major standby for free classics is, of course, Project Gutenberg.  They have everything you can think of, in most cases, but it’s a little bit harder to use since it means an extra step to get those .mobi files to your eReader.  Still, with 33,000+ books to choose from it might be worth the dragging and dropping to your Kindle via USB.  Technically you can even download these and email them through the Whispernet wireless delivery option, but that might well cost you a few cents and it isn’t that much more convenient unless you completely lack USB ports free.

Other sites endorsed by Amazon as great options are,, and  You’ll find a lot of overlapping content, but each has its own uniquenesses.

Promotional Freebies

You’ve got two main types here.  The easiest one to find in any quantity is the Kindle Limited Time Promo listing.  From time to time authors or publishers find it beneficial to push new authors, books, games, etc by giving them away and spreading the potential word of mouth range a bit.  Take advantage!  You might not find any of your favorite authors on here, but it’s a great place to try to find something new.

The other type can be a little bit harder to come up with.  In this age of self-publishing, some authors will throw out their first couple books, or the first couple in a series, for free on an ongoing basis.  As yet I haven’t found a reliable way to search specifically for this as a category, but look around and check some reviews and you’re likely to have some luck at least coming in cheaply.

Overall, your options are plentiful even without spending a dime.  I’m not claiming these are all of your options, or even the best of them, but they are the easiest given the Kindle‘s lack of open format support.  If you’re new to the eReading marketplace, chances are you’ll have a good long while before you work through what you have available right off the bat.  Enjoy your new toys!

Free Kindle Books: Science Fiction

One of the most amazing things that defined the promise of the eBook revolution and the availability of toys like the Kindle was the lower prices.  When you cut out all of the expenses of physically printing and shipping and storing books, the information those pages contain will have to be cheaper, right?  Well, as we all know at this point there has been a bit of delay in realizing this wonderful future as a general rule, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t places where we can get some great free stuff if we look!

Some of you might already be aware of the Baen Free Library. but I figured it was worth bringing up for the many of you that haven’t.  Baen frequently releases portions of a lot of their more popular series, either in the form of free sample chapters or an assortment of free first volumes in lengthy series, on the theory that if you like what you read, you’ll want to read more.  As a result, you can get yourself some really fun reads without ever touching your wallet.

Now, the library’s selection varies fairly regularly.  Authors are given complete control over the supply of their work, including what is given away, when it is available, and when it’s pulled from the shelves.  It’s an organized venue for authors to spread word of mouth.  Which makes sense if you understand their philosophy that it’s easier to rely on the responsible nature of readers and ignore piracy as a serious concern than it is to spend all your time building up a complicated system to prevent the acquisition of good books by people who will find a way to manage it anyway if they’re interested enough.

What does this mean for Kindle owners?  Well, obviously you won’t see these books being distributed for free on the Amazon website.  You will find a lot of these books already in a convenient Mobipocket format though!  I would personally recommend the BaenCD collections such as those found at Fifth Imperium.  All you have to do is find the book you’re looking for, click on it, and download the .mobi file from the links on the left of the screen (incidentally, there’s another link for epubs for you Nook owners out there).  Then you can use whatever method is most convenient for you to pop it from your computer over to your Kindle.

If you’re not familiar with these authors yet, and if you’re looking for a good long fun series to get into, I recommend starting with the Cryoburn CD.  At a glance it looks like it has the ever-popular Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold in its entirety.  As always, if you do find that you enjoy these books, give some thought to paying for them.  These guys are giving away the sort of thing that most publishing companies are trying to make you pay increasingly inflated prices for and that’s something worth supporting, in my opinion.

23K+ Free Kindle Books at

Another good place to download free books for your Amazon Kindle is Main website itself is a bit heavy for Kindle Basic Web to render so you can use section of the website that is specifically optimized for mobile browsing: There you can browse books by category. Within categories you can search. Unfortunately you can’t search all of the categories at once and you can only search by book title.

Still it’s a very nice place to get books. Books are in Mobipocket PRC format and most have usable table of contents. As of 3/1/2009 boasts 23,853 books in it’s collection.

Free Kindle Books From Amazon

This is the second post in the Free Kindle Books series…

It so happens that there are 4,800+ books that has made available for Kindle owners to download for free. Books are delivered via WhisperNet just like the paid books. But price is $0.00 (you save 100%).

You can find these books by sorting your search results by price from low to high. If you are in luck free books will be on top of the list. You can browse the complete 400 page list.

I’ll gradually build complete list of these books and make it available on this website. For now here is a list of free books by my personal favorite, Mark Twain.

P.S.: As I was building the Mark Twain list I’ve noticed that althogh Amazon website features 4,800+ titles, many books are split into multiple parts so number of actual titles available is lower.

Project Gutenberg Books for Kindle

This post commences series on absolutely free books available for Amazon Kindle. There are many places on the web that have very good literature available for Kindle for free legally and these places are worth knowing.

First such place is It has 20,000+ public domain books digitized and hand proofed by Project Gutenberg. adds value by making these books available for download in many formats including Kindle native AZW which makes if very convenient.

You can visit using Kindle browser via WhisperNet and books will be added to your collection once they are downloaded or you can download files to your PC and copy them to Kindle via USB connection or SD card. One drawback is that website wasn’t designed with Kindle browser in mind and is a bit awkward to navigate

There is also mobile version of the website available at It’s more optimized for mobile browsers including one on Kindle. You would want to download Mobipocket PRC versions as they are the ones natively supported by Kindle for direct downloading.

So you can read great classics like Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Alexander Dumas and many others completely free.