New Handwriting Tool for the Kindle Touch

There are a multitude of Sudoku puzzles and variations of Sudoku puzzles on the Kindle.  Many of them are quite popular and addictive.

If you aren’t familiar with how Sudoku works, here’s a brief explanation.  It is a number strategy puzzle that is meant to give your brain a good work out.  There is a large 9×9 grid that contains 3×3 grids already populated with a few numbers to get you started.  The goal is to fill in all squares in the grid with numbers 1-9 without putting the same numbers in a row or column.

Puzzazz, the developer of multiple Sukoku style games for the Kindle has created a new puzzle that uses actual hand motions to enter in the numbers.  This makes inputting the number so much faster because you don’t have to worry about either finding the number on a tiny physical keyboard or accessing the on screen keyboard available on the newer Kindles.

In other words, instead of using the Kindle Touch’s on screen keyboard to input numbers into the Sudoku puzzle, you have to trace the number by hand.  Once you put it in, it will convert automatically into a digital number.

Whoever said handwriting is extinct?  With everything going digital, it will be interesting to observe how it affects handwriting.  Touchscreens are making e-readers and tablets so much more interactive, which can take handwriting to a whole new level.

The cells on the grid can be small.  So, you can either trace the number in the actual cell, or trace it across the screen.  The number will go into the cell that you start tracing it in.

Sudoku Unbound #3 is available to all e-ink Kindles, but the Kindle Touch is the only one that supports the handwriting tool.  It is the first of hopefully many more hand controlled  puzzles to come.  Most of the popular Kindle games and applications have been upgraded to support the Kindle Touch.