Tis the Season for Beach Reads

When I have a lot going on, I tend to go for lighter reading.  Several books I’ve read lately make great beach reads.  If you’re looking for some mostly inexpensive books to take to the beach, I recommend books by Karen McQuestion.  Other bestselling authors to note of are Jennifer Weiner and Sarah Pekkanen.

Karen McQuestion, the author of the bestselling Kindle e-book, A Scattered Life, has a new book out called The Long Way Home.  Four women of varying ages embark on a road trip to Las Vegas.  Along the way, they face past fears and tragedies, form close bonds, and of course have the adventure of a lifetime.

A good author puts you into the circumstances and gives you a full idea of their character’s personalities.  McQuestion does a good job of this in The Long Way Home.  There is even a supernatural element to the story.

Sarah Pekkanen writes classic chick lit, but I enjoyed These Girls more than most chick lit books I’ve read because the characters had real personalities.  It also boasts great reviews.  They dealt with real issues and showed compassion for each other.  There wasn’t a snooty tone to this book like there usually is in a book about working at a magazine.  That’s not to say that These Girls doesn’t give insight to the cutthroat nature of the competition for higher jobs within a magazine.

Jennifer Weiner is the bestselling author of In Her Shoes.  It was developed into a hit movie a few years ago.  I think my favorite part about Jennifer Weiner’s books is the humor.  Usually she writes from the point of view of a “second best” who give their funny take on another popular, “have it all” type, that doesn’t really have it all.  Her latest, Then Came You deals with fertility issues from different perspectives.

All of these books are $9.99 or less in the Kindle Store.  Karen McQuestion’s book is available in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.  Happy reading!

Fly Away Home Kindle Edition

Jennifer Weiner, the author of popular novels In Her Shoes and Good in Bed has a new book out called Fly Away Home that is currently #4 on the Kindle Top 100 list.

Fly Away Home is about a politician’s wife named Sylvie and her two daughters, Diana and Lizzie.  In the wake of scandal, mother and daughters have to look deep within themselves and figure out who they are and what they stand for.  In her usual fashion, Weiner manages to delve into serious issues while adding in some comical moments as well.

Reviews for the book were mixed.  Many said that this book was a delightful summer read, and fit Weiner’s style perfectly.  Others said it fell a bit flat.  An interesting point that one reader made was that Fly Away Home references to important political wives such as Elizabeth Edwards, Jenny Sanford and Silda Spitzer.  All of these women have faced difficult marriage situations in the public political arena.

Weiner’s debut novel, Good In Bed, was a huge success.  It is about a young woman named Candace “Cannie” Shapiro, a Philadelphia Examiner reporter who has weight issues.  This book deals a lot with self worth and body image, which are very applicable for women in today’s society.

Weiner is also known for her novel, In Her Shoes, which was made into a movie featuring Cameron Diaz.  This novel focuses on two sisters.  Rose is smart, successful lawyer but is quite dull in appearance. Maggie is beautiful, but isn’t too book smart.  This book touches on the power of family and the bond that sisters can share.  It also touches on jealousy and the strengths and weaknesses of the traits that each sister portrays.  Out of the three or four books I’ve read by Weiner, this one is my favorite.  I have yet to read Fly Away Home, but it is definitely on my list of books to read for the Kindle.

Weiner’s books are great summer reads, but they also manage to touch on important issues such as life, family, friendship, self worth and body image in a easy to read and often hilarious manner.