Daily Deals: A Noble Cause and Whiteboard Pro

A Noble Cause

For thrillers lovers Amazon offers a good chance to get the following book: A Noble Cause by J. Gregory Smith just for $0.99.

Mark Noble plans a surprise proposal to his beautiful girlfriend during a romantic Caribbean vacation. But before he can pop the question, his girlfriend disappears, and his father–a world famous celebrity doctor who seems to have perfected mind-control–is killed in a mysterious fire back home in Pennsylvania.

When Mark investigates both his girlfriend’s disappearance and his father’s death, he realizes that the two events are connected. He attempts to unravel the mystery with the help of his eccentric grandmother and the courageous crew–one a former Navy SEAL–of her luxury yacht, putting all of their lives in danger as Mark faces a rich and powerful foe determined to pry from Mark a secret he doesn’t even know he possesses.

Breakneck pacing and taut plotting mark Greg Smith’s sophomore effort, a top-notch thriller with keen intelligence and shocking twists that create a brooding, vice-like compression that leaves little room to breathe.


Whiteboard Pro

Jot down ideas, sketch plans, or just doodle with Whiteboard Pro, an Android app that offers a simple way to let your creativity roam. Draw shapes and erase them, just like on a real whiteboard. Choose from a variety of easy ways to fine-tune your drawings, and share your creations with your friends.

The Board That’s Never Boring

Whiteboard Pro is all about simplicity. The toolbar interface is a snap to use, and it makes creating a drawing quick and intuitive. Whether you want to express your inner creative self or just play a quick game of tic-tac-toe, you’ll find it easy to get started.

Don’t be fooled by the app’s ease of use, however; there are still plenty of opportunities to customize your work. Choose from four instant shapes (line, rectangle, circle, and freehand), four colors (black, red, blue, and green), and three line widths. It’s easy to set these features and create one-of-a-kind images with very little legwork.

As you draw, use the pan and zoom features to add details. Saving, opening, and deleting files is a breeze, and the “infinite undo” feature means you can modify your work at any step along the way.

When you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can share it via e-mail, picture message, Bluetooth, Evernote, Catch, and more. You can also export any drawing to PNG, JPG, or SVG formats.

Summer Reads for $3.99 or Less

If you are anything like me, you’re not too thrilled about the rising e-book prices.  If you’re open to trying some new reading material, there is a good selection of Kindle e-books available for $3.99 or less.  A good way to stock up for the beach or pool.

The summer reading list includes a variety of genres including fiction, mysteries and thrillers, nonfiction, historical fiction, and of course chick lit, other wise known as “women’s fiction”.

To be honest, the only author I actually recognize is Karen McQuestion, who wrote A Scattered Life, a big bestseller for awhile.  A Scattered Life is a tale of the importance of friendships and learning not to judge a book by its cover so to speak when it comes to appearances.  Both A Scattered Life and her other book, Easily Amused are on the list.

I laughed out loud when I read the reviews of Why I Love Singlehood.  Anyone who has been mixed up in relationship issues can probably relate to this book.  This will be one I can add to my “easy reading” list.

Final Price, by J. Gregory Smith was the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.  The thriller features a psychopathic car salesman who fights his own inner demons and does not take rejection well at all.  Final Price provides a unique perspective by using the car salesman’s point of view as opposed to a customer’s.

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail is a must read because David Miller writes such a vivid account of his adventures of hiking the entire trail.  I’ve always wanted to hike at least a portion of the AT, so I’m definitely adding this to my Kindle summer reading list.

According to Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), these books are all available at a reduced price for only a limited time.  Not sure on the exact date that the offer ends.  I’m off to bury myself in a good beach read.