The Litigators by John Grisham

John Grisham’s books usually start out pretty boring, but as you keep reading, the plot picks up speed, and has you holding your breath until the last page.  He is well known for courtroom thrillers, but has also deviated from that genre with A Painted HouseSkipping Christmas, and a few others.

Many people say that his first novel, A Time to Kill was his best, and I agree that his earlier ones were the ones to beat.  He kind of lost his edge in the past few years, but regained his momentum with The Associate, and most recently, The Litigators.

The Litigators has been on top of the Kindle Bestseller list for months.  It is your typical Grisham courtroom thriller.  Finley & Figg is a seedy, run of the mill law firm in Chicago that handles small cases.  The firm is constantly searching for the fastest ways to make money without actually doing much work.  Finley & Figg hits jackpot, or at least they think they do, with a case involving a company under fire for its weight loss drug.

What seems too good to be true usually is, and the “easy money” often has big strings attached.

Here’s what the reviewers are saying:


“Spot on with caricatures of mas s tort bar and big firm defense. Nice pace and crescendo of anticipation. Fantastic intro to trial procedure and strategy for non-lawyers with plenty of substance to keep lawyers interested. ”

This is what I’m always thinking when I read a Grisham book…


“A usual John Grisham book. It is always interesting to find out how his characters get out of the predicaments in which they find themselves. There is a side story to this that turns out to be more important to the lead character than the one that starts the book. “

The Confession – Kindle Edition

I’ve read most of John Grisham’s novels.  His books lost their flavor for awhile, but it looks like he has made a come back with The Confession.  It is currently #1 on the Kindle and Kindle DX Top 100 list.

The Confession is a heart wrenching story of an innocent man put on death row for raping a high school cheerleader.  The real rapist watches the former football star take punishment without remorse.  This is, until he finds out he has a fatal brain tumor and decides to confess.  Either way he’s doomed to die so it no longer matters really if he dies at the hands of the legal system.  But the sad thing is, an innocent life was wasted away in prison because another person did not confess.  By writing in the perspective of the real rapist, it makes the situation even more poignant.

Reviews are good for the most part.  Grisham provides a good glimpse into the legal system and the death penalty.  Some reviewers say that this is one of his best.  Others say it is just a repeat of his other thrillers, and are tired of the same plot over and over.

Grisham’s novels all kind of run together after awhile, but there are a few that I remember quite well.  The Associate is the last one I’ve read, and that one had me holding my breath until the end.  It is about a young lawyer who is manipulated to the point of driving him insane.  Somehow he manages to escape, but barely.

Playing for Pizza is the story of a fallen football player named Rick Dockery.  He ends up in Italy playing for a football team called the Parma Panthers that has a miserable track record.  I didn’t know they had American football in Italy especially since soccer is such a huge sport in European countries. It is a story of victory for the underdog, as well as a glimpse into the Italian food and wine scene.

Skipping Christmas was a break from his usual legal thrillers and even had some funny parts.  It was about a family who decided not to celebrate Christmas.  That ended up being a much more difficult feat than they realized.  It is a cute, quick read.