Jumble – Kindle Edition

Jumble, by Puzux is a cool word scramble game for the Kindle and Kindle DX that includes four scrambled words.  As you unscramble the words, letters that make up a bonus word are revealed.  Start out with the free version of Jumble and learn the gist of the game.  If you like it, you should try the other versions of Jumble that include more games.

The free version includes 3 puzzles.  The reviews say that they’re too easy.  But, this Is a good starting point before moving into the paid games.  After learning the ways of the game and maybe make use of the “hint” feature that is included, move on to the 200 puzzle version of Jumble.

The 200 puzzle version does not have reviews less than 5 stars.  Here are a couple of reasons why:

Master Chief:

“I’m not big into word puzzles but this one is different. I liked the cute cartoons, they make it livelier than other apps, the hints helped me when i got stuck (pretty often actually :)) and the different puzzles are generally interesting. Overall, very engaging. If you have some time to kill and do not want to spend it on useless e-mails and chats – this is a good way to keep sharp and have some fun.”


“This is a great way to spend spare time with some fun brain teasing activity. I solve around 10 Jumbles a day, which means I would need another series of these in less than a month… Great graphics and easy to use interface!”

If you want even more Jumbles, you can check out the 20 puzzle version or the 50 puzzle version.  Overall, your best deal pricewise is to get the 200 version.  If will keep you busy awhile and is more challenging than the 3 puzzles that the free version  of Jumble includes.

Nicholas Sabalos Jr on the 50 puzzle version:

“It’s obvious a lot of care went into making this electronic version of Jumble as “user-friendly” as solving the puzzles in a newspaper. The only real difference: instead of a pencil, you’re using your Kindle keyboard to select letters. The programming is smart enough to move/highlight the boxes you want, when you need them. Navigation is quick, clean and easy with the five-way Kindle button.”

Jumble is a great fit for the Kindle because it is literary and easy to learn.  Hopefully Puzux will add more packages for those who love Jumble and play often.