Daily Deals: Kind of Blue and Robin Hood: Twisted Fairy Tales

Kind of BlueToday Amazon offers for all who loves to read detective the book: Kind of Blue by Miles Corwin just for $0.99.

When a legendary ex-cop is murdered in L.A., the pressure’s on to find the killer. Lt. Frank Duffy needs his best detective on the case, but his best detective, Ash Levine, quit a year ago.A tenacious, obsessive detective, Ash resigned after Latisha Patton, the witness in a homicide case he was working, was murdered. Without his job, Ash is left unanchored-and consumed with guilt that he somehow caused Latisha’s murder.When he’s asked to rejoin the force, Ash reluctantly agrees. Getting his badge back could give him the chance to find Latisha’s killer. Ash dives in headfirst into the shadow lands of Southern California to investigate the ex-cop’s murder. But even when he has a suspect in custody, something about this case doesn’t sit right with Ash, and he continues working the increasingly dangerous investigation while quietly chasing leads in Latisha’s murder.Unable to let either case go until he has answers, Ash finds that his obsessive nature, which propels him into a world of private compromises and public corruption, is a flaw that might prove fatal.

Some words about the author: A native of Los Angeles, Miles Corwin is an award-winning reporter for the Los Angeles Times and the author of the critically acclaimed The Killing Season, a national bestseller. Corwin is also the author of  And Still We Rise, and Homicide Special. He lives with his family outside Los Angeles, California.


Robin Hood: Twisted Fairy Tales

Robin Hood and his gang are ready for an adventure, but this adventure is a little–well, mismatched. Help pave the way for the prince of thieves by comparing two beautifully illustrated scenes from the story. To a rookie, they would appear to be the same; however, the trained eye knows better. The benevolent thievery of Robin Hood rests on your shoulders. The story must go on but it can’t until you reveal the subtle differences in each illustration.

Match the Mismatch

Viewing the split screen, use your finger to touch the mismatched spot on one of the illustrations. A small circle on the other illustration will hover over the exact spot you’re touching. Let it hover for a second over the mismatched place to indicate you’ve made a decision. If you’ve correctly identified a mismatch, you’ll earn points. Tread carefully, though–you’ll lose points if you’re incorrect.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Each scene has a determined number of mismatches. The story cannot move forward until you find a specific amount. Choose to move on once you’ve found the bare minimum or find them all.

At points in the story, Robin will interrupt your keen eye in need of a little advice. Should you assault the caravan again or find the UFO? Robin leaves all the big decisions up to you.

This mismatched tale has four possible endings so don’t assume there are no consequences to your decisions. Remember, you’re making fairy-tale history here.