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May 2018
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Warrior’s Rise Kindle Edition

Warrior's RiseBased on Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) description of Warrior’s Rise by LJ DeLeon, it sounds like a fascinating book for the Kindle.  As a former member of the CIA, DeLeon has much more experience on a personal level with panorama and fantasy events than most.  Such experience adds deeper value to the content of her books.  I encourage you to read Warrior’s Rise and tell us what you think.

Deva Morgan transforms from human to warrior on her thirtieth birthday.  She sets out on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord and his demons.  Hmmm, who does this remind you of?

Deva faces the battle against a huge force without much help, which the exception of her friend Padraig O’Neal.  Deva not only has to fight an outward battle, but an inward one because of all of the traumatic changes in her life.

So the big question is, can Deva figure out how to stabilize her new power so that she can save the Earth from being invaded by the Dark Lord and his demons?  The ability to harness newfound power is an important theme in this book.

So, for about five bucks, see what happens in this thriller called Warrior’s Rise, which is the first in an exciting new series for Kindle.  I look forward to seeing what more DeLeon has to offer in the future.