.99 Cent Learning Sale

Until August 29, there is a huge back to school sale going on for learning tools on the Kindle.  Pick from a variety of fun games that help kids with spelling, math, and Shakespeare Trivia.  Some of these games are $3 and up, so grab them while they’re cheap!

One game I was particularly intrigued by is Letter Landers.  It is a matching game.  The player matches pairs until all of the tiles are gone.  Once everything is matched up, letter shaped aliens come in and spell words based on your matches.  What a creative way to get kids interested in learning about their letters.

Do you have young, elementary age children, who would love to try out your Kindle, but they’re just not to the age where reading is natural for them?  DigiRonin games has a growing collection of spelling and math games for the e-reader.  your children can learn their food and animal names while improving on their letters and spelling skills.  This whole collection include quizzes that can tet your child’s mastery of the subjects.  I hope that this company will add science and social studies trivia at some point.

If you want to challenge yourself in foreign languages, try the Spelling Star Spanish Edition.  It has anagrams and other word challenges.  Kind of makes my brain hurt to think about it.  But, this is a great idea and is very interactive.  I hope they’ll add other languages soon.

You can’t go wrong with the Scripps Spelling Bee’s Kindle game.  It includes many of the words that were featured in the National Bee.  You also have a number of challenges to choose from.  For more information about Scripps Spelling Bee, check out the Scripps Spelling Bee post that I wrote a couple months ago.

I am really excited about the fact that the Kindle is being used in elementary schools.  It has been slow to catch on in schools, but Kindles in classrooms are becoming a little more common.  Games like these featured in the sale are good ways to make learning interesting.  Not to mention the excitement that a cool new gadget brings!




CK12 Offers a Series of Free Textbooks for Kindle

CK12 Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to created affordable textbooks.  And by affordable, I mean free.  You can find a series of them on the Kindle.  These are all really good quality textbooks in science and math for advanced level high school students.

I think that the idea of having more affordable books is a great one, and that these books are excellent review tools.  They do have some room for improvement, as the Kindle is not fully able to show the symbols needed in say, the Calculus book.  In addition to Calculus, you’ll find Biology, Chemistry and Statistics.  Always loved science, but I shudder to even think of math!  CK-12 Foundation has done a good job in creating textbooks that are easy to read and explain concepts really well.

Ck-12 Foundation creates FlexBooks.  These books are set up so that users can edit and tailor learning modules to meet the varying learning styles of each student.  By making them available on the Kindle, it makes them more portable.  Another thing that I like about these texts being available on the e-reader is the ability to adjust font sizes  More and more FlexBooks are becoming available under the creative commons license.  Once these come available, they’d be a valuable addition to the Kindle Library Lending program.

Kindle haven’t really taken off in education, but there is potential for growth if the developers, publishers and all other parties involved play their cards right.  If the Kindle can get established in education, than it could be a step towards more affordable textbooks as well as much lighter backpacks!