Daily Deals: A Gentle Rain and Mathris – A Math Game

A Gentle RainToday Amazon offers to get and read the following book: A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith just for $0.99

Kara Whittenbrook is an unlikely heiress. Down-to-earth and lovably quirky, she’s never fit in with the stogy Whittenbrook clan of Connecticut. Growing up at her parents’ rainforest preserve in Brazil, she has a quaintly off-beat view of life. Now her beloved parents have died in a plane crash, and Kara’s learned a stunning truth. She was adopted. Her birth parents are Mac and Lily Tolbert. They live and work on a backwoods cattle ranch in northern Florida. Ranch owner Ben Thocco is running out of time and money. He’s going to need a miracle in order to save the ranch and care for the likable crew of unusual hands he employs, including Kara’s parents and his own fragile brother Joey. Kara, using a fake identity on the advice of her lawyer, gets a job at Ben’s ranch in Fountain Springs, Florida, where her adventures include entering an unpredictable mare in a local horse show.

Some words about the Author

NYT bestseller Smith is author of A Place To Call Home, Sweet Hush, The Crossroads Cafe

Mathris - A Math GameIf you want to make your brain to work with fun you can download and play Mathris – A Math Game for free today only.

Do Sums. Have Fun.

Mathris – A Math Game is a Tetris-style game for kids to learn numbers and build their basic math skills while still having a blast. Players must scramble to solve arithmetic problems while correctly stacking the blocks.

Mathematical Blocks

The numbers fall like Tetris bricks, but you can only remove the bricks by matching a question and an answer (4+2 with 6), a question with a question that has the same result (4+2 with 3+3), or two of the same numbers (5 with 5).

Math Tetris features three game modes (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) and four themes (winter, spring, summer, and autumn).

More Options

Mathris features high scores, and is integrated with OpenFeint so you can compete with players around the world. Toggle sound effects and background music. Mathris also comes with a tutorial and option to customize the number space (1 to 10, 1 to 20, and 1 to 50). Just how fast are your arithmetic skills?