Memory Classic

Memory Classic is a great Kindle game for all ages.  The object of the game is to match tiles that have the same pictures.  This is really similar to the old familiar card matching game, except Memory Classic has tiles instead of playing cards.

When you first start at the beginner level, there are only four tiles with two matches.  As you advance, the number of tiles increase, and you really have to put your memory skills to work.  The tiles all have cute little pictures of dolphins, boats, astronauts, and more.  So, Memory Classic is geared more towards kids, but I think adults can enjoy the challenge, or at least as a time filler.

There are three modes that you can choose from. The first is Relaxed Mode.  All you have to do here is flip over the tiles with the Kindle’s toggle button and match them up.

Classic mode is the same as Relaxed Mode, but it is timed.  I didn’t do so hot against the clock, but I think the toggle slowed me down a bit because it kept getting away from me when I tried selecting tiles.

My favorite mode was the Arcade Mode.  Your goal here is to match tiles and get them off the board before they add up.  Matched tiles are taken off the board, but if you miss a match, the ones at the bottom fill the board.

I think JoyBits did a good job with the graphics.  The tiles are easy to see, and the navigation is pretty intuitive.  For players new to Kindle games, there is an instruction manual under the list of menu options.

One thing you should take note of as you play Memory Classic are the hints at the bottom of the page.  They provide helpful strategies for doing your best in each level.

It is always more fun to play against friends and family.  I wholeheartedly agree with the following reviewer that Memory Classic needs a multiplayer option.


“My only critique is that I wish there was a 2-player option so my daughter and I could play together. We can take turns by just passing the Kindle back and forth, but at the end there is no final count of how many matches each of us made. There is a Hall of Fame, though, so at least we can compare top scores that way!”

Memory Classic is a new game, and I look forward to reading what more reviewers have to say about it!