Top Rated Kindle Games Now Available on Kindle Touch

It took awhile to make any of the Kindle games available for the Kindle Touch, but now, many of the most popular ones are compatible with it.  I am excited about not having worry about overusing the toggle button to navigate the games.  For more detailed, first hand reviews on Kindle games, check out the Kindle Apps Review blog.  There are a few that I really like that I think are worth downloading.

Jewels is a gem matching game that is popular on many mobile devices.  It goes well wtih the Kindle Touch because all you have to do is drag the shapes to the matching ones.  I admit that it can be more challenging to play on a black and white screen, but the shapes have patterns that help distinguish them from each other.

Battleship was one of my favorite childhood games.  The Kindle edition includes several versions of the hit game.  I like the portable nature of it because you don’t have to worry about pieces.  You can play with either the Kindle or another human player.  The basic object of Battleship remains the same: blow up your opponent’s ships before they blow up yours.

Mahjong Solitaire includes a stack of tiles.  You have to remove the top layer of tiles before you can use the tiles underneath.  There are a number of types of tile sets to choose from.  The tiles are kind of small, but I feel like the graphics work well with the size screen that the game has to work with.

The Electronic Arts games are the most complex Kindle games as far as design goes, and Solitaire is no exception.  Learn how to play different versions of Solitaire, or pass the time with the old traditional version that everyone seems to know how to play.

Bubble Pop is one of the newest Kindle games, and to me, is one of the best ones designed for the Kindle Touch.  All you have to do is pop matching bubbles.  It is a really mindless, but addicting game.

To win Slingo, the ultimate goal is to eliminate all of the numbers on the board.  The board is set up like Bingo, with reels at the bottom.  With each spin, you try to match up a number from the reel with one on the board.  It is a fun game, and the Kindle version is a real hit.

In order to find out whether your favorite game is compatible with the Kindle Touch, take a look at the link under the game’s price that says “Available for these devices.”  If it is available for the Kindle Touch, it will be listed on there.  Games are being updated constantly, so check back often if you don’t see it on the list right away.

Halloween Games for Kindle

I was browsing the list of popular games that are currently available on the Kindle, and noticed that several of the old favorites are featuring Halloween editions.  What a great idea to add holiday editions to the rapidly growing Kindle game collection.  Hope to see some others come up as the holiday season approaches.

The original edition of Blossom is a pipe connection game where you connect a series of pipes to irrigate flowers from a watering can in the center of the grid.  The Halloween edition is the same thing, but instead of irrigating flowers, you’re irrigating pumpkins with potion from a witch’s pot.  Make sure you don’t leave out any flowers, I mean pumpkins, or the level won’t be complete.  If you get stuck, don’t worry, there are hints available to help you out.

Futoshiki is one of the highest rated games on the Kindle.  The game consists of a Sudoku grid, but with a twist.  Futoshiki includes greater than and less than symbols between the numbers.  Don’t let these intimidate you, they can actually be quite helpful in solving the grids. Futoshiki Halloween Edition is the same fun puzzle game, but instead of a basic grid, you’re playing in a graveyard.  Watch out for the zombies lurking around!

Mahjong Solitaire is a fun, addicting tile matching game.  The tiles are stacked up in stairstep fashion, and you must match the upper level tiles before revealing the ones underneath.  The tiles have basic shapes and dots on them.  The Mahjong Solitaire Halloween Edition has a few pumpkins, scary faces and cauldrons and more floating around.  The Kindle’s black and white platform is such a natural fit for graphics like these.

Ultimate Halloween Quiz joins the collection of trivia games for Kindle.  They include nature, math, literature, movies, music and more.  The Halloween edition includes topics related to Halloween (obviously) that include horror movies, scary books, Halloween history, and other miscellaneous scary questions.  The questions can either be answers all at once, or in rounds of 10.  What a fun activity for families!  A Halloween themed trivia night perhaps?

All of these games are great for all ages, and are for the most part, quite inexpensive.  They include easier levels for kids and beginners, and provide a good challenge for adults.  More in depth reviews coming soon on the Kindle Apps Blog.

All of these games are compatible with the newest version of the Kindle.




Next – Kindle Edition

If you like matching puzzle games, you would probably enjoy Next for Kindle.  It is one of the first games offered by Mobigloo.  They are also the creators of Mahjong Solitaire.

Next is all about thinking and strategy.  The overall goal is to match game pieces and clear the whole board.  There are 128 levels of difficulty.  You can play any level and if you’ve passed them, the game provides a list of the levels and which ones you have completed.  The difficult levels provide enough challenge so that you can probably get by with playing them multiple times.

Watch you though, if you don’t put any thought into your moves, you risk leaving behind extra pieces.  If you leave behind extra pieces, you lose the level.  So, Next will give your brain a bit of exercise.

Now, let’s take a look at what some of the reviewers have said about Next.  Most of them are good, but there is some criticism that Mobigloo might want to take a note of.

Ellen Bridges:

“The graphics are nice, and they are right for this type of game. I didn’t notice any unusual overuse of the battery to run this game. Since nothing is flashing or moving while you are thinking about your strategy for your next move, no battery power is being used in this game until you are actually making a move.

If you enjoy puzzle games, I don’t think you’ll mind spending 2.99 for this one. When you consider what the Kindle is capable of when it comes to games, this is a very nice addition to previous games that were put out by Amazon and Electronic Arts. Mobigloo is a game-maker I had never heard of before, but I hope they continue to make games this well, so that we have a nice wide selection to choose from for our Kindles.”

Sarene Loar:

“I’ve found some kindle games annoying to use because it can be difficult to highlight the right item, but Next is super easy – it is all about the strategy.”


“I sometimes wish there was an optional hint to help when I get stuck. I would recommend it to other people who like brain teasers.”

So, all in all, Next is a good game and a great fit for the Kindle.  There aren’t that many reviews yet, but hopefully there will be in the future.  It might be a bit hard on the toggle button, but that all depends on how much use it gets.  So, check it out and let us know what you think.

Mahjong Solitaire for Kindle

On December 1st, a new Kindle game called Mahjong Solitaire was released by a company called Mobigloo. They recently released a game called Next that has pretty good reviews.

The goal of Mahjong Solitaire is to clear tiles from the board by matching them up. The only tiles you can match are “free” tiles that don’t have any tiles beside or on top of them. You win by clearing the whole board and lose if there are tiles left that can’t be matched.

The game includes two sets of tiles you can choose from. One reviewer suggests that you choose the one with numbers and letters on them. They are easier to use because the other choice of tiles was designed for a color screen.

As with most of the other Kindle games, Mahjong Solitaire includes a “hint” feature, as well as the ability to undo plays that you don’t want to go through. The game tracks your time and the number of matching pairs you achieve. It includes 10 different board selections, and within those selections there are a great number of games to choose from.

So far, there are only 4 reviews, but the game is new so I’m sure there will be plenty more to come. Reviews are good overall, with nothing under 4 stars. The most common criticism was that the tiles were hard to move with the toggle button. However, this is not a deal breaker. I’m sure Mobigloo will take this under advisement for future improvements on the game.

A couple of notes from the reviewers:

Olga Bezhanova:

“The graphics are beautiful. Every tile is very distinct. I only play the traditional version because that’s what I’m used to. Still, even though there are no colors, I have no problem distinguishing the tiles. During the first couple of games one needs to figure out how to move the pointer to reach the tiles you need, but then you get the hang of it very fast and it becomes very easy to play. There are 10 different layouts to experiment with, so the game never gets boring.:

Books on the Knob:

“I’ve already played thru one game on the “easy” tileset (letters and numbers, rather than the traditional mahjong characters) and it works pretty well (the tiles are sometimes tricky to get to, as you only stop on a playable tile and only have up/down and left/right movement on the Kindle). There are ten different layouts, so between those and the traditional tiles, I suspect I’ll spend many hours playing this one.”

The great thing is that Mahjong Solitaire works on the Kindle 2 in addition to the Kindle 3 and Kindle DX. That should be a relief to the 2nd Generation Kindle users.