Extra Special Kindle Mother’s Day Offer

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) just announced a pretty sweet deal on the Kindle 3G and Kindle DX for Mother’s Day coming up in a couple of weeks.

When you buy either the 3G or DX, you can get a $25 Amazon Gift Card along with it.  What a great start for Mom’s new Kindle e-book collection.  If you go to the product page for either item, Amazon includes details on how to include the $25 Gift Card.

There doesn’t appear to be an actual offer end date, but Amazon said that the promotion will run while supplies last.  So, the sooner the better, and before Mother’s Day of course.


The Kindle Makes a Great Mother’s Day Gift

Amazon is offering free 2 day shipping for the Kindle just in time for Mother’s Day, which is May 9th.  According to Amazon’s advertising campaign, the Kindle is their #1 best selling, gifted and most wished for item on the site.  With the device’s debut in Target April 25, there’s yet another way to get the Kindle before the big day.

Toy Xplosion does a good run down on the perks of the Kindle in their blog article on giving it as a Mother’s Day gift.  The perks to the Kindle mentioned include Amazon’s large book selection, no monthly fees and long battery life.  Another good reason to buy the Kindle now is that summer is coming up. Beach and pool season is about to start so you can’t beat a library of beach reads at your fingertips.  Just be careful and don’t drop it in the sand or the water!

The strategy involving shipping is a good move on Amazon’s part.  I saw that offered at Christmas and took advantage of the option.  It not only saves the long wait from the Free Super Saver Shipping option, but allows customers to save on paying sales tax which would be applied in stores.