Experience Movies On Your Kindle

One of the three 'Movie Novella' series currently available

One of the three 'Movie Novella' series currently available

Now donв_Tt get too excited. Kindleв_Ts e-Ink display still has a long way to go before you can watch movies on it. I am talking about the kind that you can read. This is about a new kind of eBook that has been created especially for Kindle readers or so says RedCarв_Ts Peter K. when he contacted us.

From what I gather, в__created especially for the Kindleв_T basically means that the author anticipates being read solely on a device like the Kindle and formats the book accordingly. That means you will have a better reading experience for the most part when compared to a non-optimized eBook. But thatв_Ts not what author and RedCar founder Lawrence Bridges is looking to do.

It looks like this optimization came as a necessity when he decided to create an experimental new form of eBook writing. He has created what he calls в_” в__Movie Novellasв__. My best guess after reading that name was ebooks that present movies in short prose. But itв_Ts more than that. Lawrence has created a form of story telling via ebooks that resembles the way you see an episodic TV series or special feature.

He has written three series that are currently available in short installments of about 40 pages each. These serialized stories work just the way TV shows do. They have their memorable moments, drama, suspense в_” all through short and easy to follow chapters. There are cliffhangers at the end too. The idea is to make you follow through to the next installment, just like you would want to watch the next episode if this was TV.

Lawrence has been in the filmmaking business for a long time and it his definitely his experience in filmmaking that gave rise to this idea. If you want to know more about the author or want to start reading these cinematic works of fiction, get over to Amazon.