Daily Deals: Nazareth Child and Fruit Sorter Extreme

Nazareth Child (A Del Shannon Novel)Today Amazon offers Nazareth Child (A Del Shannon Novel) by Darrell James just for $1.99

A smart and determined field operative in Tucson, Del Shannon has earned a reputation for being nearly invincible in tracking down missing persons. Ironically, the only person Del has not been able to locate is the mother she’s never known. Deep in the Appalachian hills of Kentucky, the Feds are investigating Nazareth Church, an isolated religious compound led by faith healer Silas Rule. People desperate for salvation are giving up everything they own—and are never heard from again.

Del is recruited when the FBI discovers that her father owns an abandoned house in the clannish community. Hoping to locate her mother, she goes undercover with ATFE agent Frank Falconet, a New Yorker who is battling his own demons. Caught in a deadly web of lies, scheming, and righteous threats of damnation, Del risks everything to find the truth. What secrets is Nazareth Church hiding? And could Silas Rule hold the key to her mother’s past?

Some words about the Author

Darrell James’s short stories have appeared in numerous mystery magazines and book anthologies, and have garnered a number of awards, including finalist in the 2009 Derringer Awards. In addition, his personal odyssey to publication appears in the Writer’s Digest book How I Got Published, along with J.A. Jance, David Morrell, Clive Cussler, and many other notable authors. James splits his time between Pasadena, Calif., and Tucson, Ariz. Nazareth Child won the Left Coast Crime Eureka Award for Best First Novel.


Fruit Sorter ExtremeAlso you can download Fruit Sorter Extreme for your Kindle Fire for free today only.

In Fruit Sorter Extreme, you’re working in a sorting plant for fresh fruit. Your task is to sort out different types of fruit (such as apples, lemons, grapes, and cherries) moving on a conveyer belt by putting them in separate boxes. You must sort all the fruit before they reach the end of the belt and fall into the mill. It may be humble factory work, but this job requires rapid hand-eye coordination. How fast can you sort?

Your job seems straightforward enough. You sort the fruit by putting one type of fruit in each box. You earn bonus points for sorting out one or more kinds of fruit at the same time. This job only gets more hectic as more fruit and boxes appear.

Three Fun Games

Fruit Sorter Extreme includes three game modes. In Normal mode, you sort out a fixed quantity of fruit. In More Fruits mode, new boxes are added from time to time as new fruit comes down the belt. In Time Attack mode, you have 25 seconds of basic time, and you gain an additional four seconds for each box you fill.

Who’s the True Fruit Sorter Master?

Fruiter Sorter Extreme is integrated with OpenFeint and Game Center leaderboards and achievements, so you can see who’s really the best fruit sorter in the world. Unlock new fruit as you progress up the levels.

“I tell you, Fruit Ninja has nothing on Fruit Sorter, and if you want a true test of your hand-eye-coordination skills, then see how long you can last sorting fruit in this frantic-paced casual game.” — CrazyMikesapps.com