Addressing the iPad/Kindle Spin

Well, the internet is abuzz today with talk of a recent report by a Citi analyst declaring the Kindle effectively dead in the water in the long haul.  Now, if you accept the validity of the analysis of where things stand today, and let’s say for the sake of argument that we do for the moment, there’re still some problems to be addressed.  Here’s some details in the wording that a lot of people aren’t looking at very clearly.

The analyst observes that the “Kindle currently enjoys a price and selection advantage over the iBook platform” but ominously follows it with “it’s hard to see why the gap won’t narrow over time.”  It’s difficult to see where the negativity is coming from here.  He states that Kindle is in the lead and then adds some doomsaying to the end of the sentence.

The same basic theory ends up applying to the point by point comparison.  The analyst’s argument seems to hinge on the idea that Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN), clearly a front runner in the mainstream ebook market and a fairly innovative company in general, is going to leave what systems it has in place as they are now and hope for the best.  I get that Apple(NASDAQ:AAPL) is a great company and that many people feel they’re inevitably going to take over whatever market they approach.  If that’s really the case though, we can do without the spins on the facts in the meantime, don’t you think?