US News & World Report For Kindle

US News & World Report is available for Kindle and Kindle DX for $1.99 a month.  In the last few years this magazine has transitioned from weekly to biweekly to monthly publication.

The US News was founded in 1933 by David Lawrence, former student of Woodrow Wilson at Princeton University.  Lawrence founded a separate magazine, World Report, in 1946, but later merged it with US News in 1948. The magazine covers topics such as: health, politics, technology, international affairs, education, business and more.  The latest articles focus on the BP oil spill and the issues surrounding it.  There are also articles about healthy behaviors and criticism of Obama’s policies.

The US News & World Report is considered more conservative than its counterparts, Time and Newsweek, and does not include entertainment, celebrity or sports news. This is a good cut and dry resource on current issues.

The magazine is well known for its rankings for colleges, hospitals, careers and most recently, high schools.  This is a great starting resource for checking the rankings when choosing graduate school programs as well.  However, students and parents shouldn’t rely solely on this list for a choosing a school if it isn’t right for the individual.  There is a lot of debate about the superficial nature of the data used to make the ranking decisions.

The US News & World Report also ranks the top hospitals in the nation.  In 2009, John Hopkins was at the top, followed by the Mayo Clinic and UCLA.  These choices shouldn’t be too surprising considering the top notch reputation of these hospitals.

One reviewer had an interesting comment about using backdoor conversions to include pictures on the Kindle edition of the magazine.  They currently subscribe to US News Online in PDF form.  They send it to Kindle’s PDF conversion tool that converts it with the pictures from the magazine included.  The question is, why can’t Amazon do this for the original Kindle version of the magazine?  Overall, the reviews were very mixed and I think if the graphics issue was corrected, a lot more people would subscribe to the Kindle edition of US News & World Report and other Kindle magazines.

Newsweek for Kindle

Newsweek is available for $2.99 a month on the Kindle, which is a pretty good deal considering that Newsweek is a weekly magazine.

This weekly news magazine reports on each week’s developments on the national and global news front through news, commentary and analysis. Its features include national and international affairs, business, lifestyle, society, the arts, politics, the economy, personal business, the Washington scene, health, science and technology.” – Amazon

Newsweek was founded on February 17, 1933 by Thomas J.C. Martyn, a former foreign editor at TIME magazine.  It cost $10 cents a copy and had a circulation of 50,000 readers a year.  The Washington Post Company bought Newsweek in 1961 and today, the magazine has a circulation of about 4 million readers. more

Newsweek holds the most National Magazine Awards of any other newsweekly.  Newsweek’s Editor is John Meacham, Managing Editor is Daniel Klaidman and Newsweek International Editor is Fareed Zakaria.  Newsweek and include commentaries by notable figures such as Anna Quindlen, George Will, Jonathan Alter and others.  The magazine is mostly current events and politics with a little bit of entertainment or humor mixed in.

According to the reviews, Amazon needs to bring back the character of the magazine by adding columns such as “Conventional Wisdom”, “Perspectives” and “Then and Now” to the Kindle version.  That tends to be a trend across all magazines that are offered on the Kindle.  If you take out certain columns that define the magazine, it no longer has those unique attributes that only that particular magazine has.  The positive feedback pointed out that it was great to go straight to the articles and not worry about the graphics or pictures.  Newsweek is a great magazine that can be adapted for Kindle because the quality of writing portrayed in its articles.  The Kindle version gives the writing a chance to shine.

Currently, Newsweek is owned by the Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO)