Daily Deals: The Fall of the Roman Empire and Cubicle Golf

The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians

You can use your opportunity to get historical book about Roman Empire last days for $1.99. The name of the book is The Fall of the Roman Empire : A New History of Rome and the Barbarians and the book is written by Peter Heather.

The death of the Roman Empire is one of the perennial mysteries of world history. Now, in this groundbreaking book, Peter Heather proposes a stunning new solution: Rome generated its own nemesis. Centuries of imperialism turned the neighbors it called barbarians into an enemy capable of dismantling the Empire that had dominated their lives for so long. Heather is a leading authority on the late Roman Empire and on the barbarians. In The Fall of the Roman Empire, he explores the extraordinary success story that was the Roman Empire and uses a new understanding of its continued strength and enduring limitations to show how Europe’s barbarians, transformed by centuries of contact with Rome on every possible level, eventually pulled it apart. He shows first how the Huns overturned the existing strategic balance of power on Rome’s European frontiers, to force the Goths and others to seek refuge inside the Empire. This prompted two generations of struggle, during which new barbarian coalitions, formed in response to Roman hostility, brought the Roman west to its knees. The Goths first destroyed a Roman army at the battle of Hadrianople in 378, and went on to sack Rome in 410. The Vandals spread devastation in Gaul and Spain, before conquering North Africa, the breadbasket of the Western Empire, in 439. We then meet Attila the Hun, whose reign of terror swept from Constantinople to Paris, but whose death in 453 ironically precipitated a final desperate phase of Roman collapse culminating in the Vandals’ defeat of the massive Byzantine Armada: the west’s last chance for survival. Peter Heather convincingly argues that the Roman Empire was not on the brink of social or moral collapse. What brought it to an end were the barbarians.

Cubicle Golf

Cubicle Golf is a game which can help you to spend some free time with a fun.

Tee Up at the Office
Golf is a great way to get a break from less important things–like work! But we all know it’s a long way from the office to the golf course.

Luckily, there’s Cubicle Golf. This fun and challenging game for your Android device provides an easy way to get a few rounds in without leaving your desk.

Beware the Water Cooler Hazard

Cubicle Golf features a full, 18-hole course that will test even the hardiest office golfer’s skills. Choose from two control options to suit your playing style. It’s easy to track scores at each hole, and you’ll even hear fun shot-by-shot commentary as you play.

Build team unity by playing the always-challenging Office Links. Take advantage of your co-workers’ strengths as you navigate the course: one colleague wields the driver, another the iron, another the putter, and one possesses the hallowed Secret Weapon.

But keep a wary eye out as you work on that handicap. Make sure you avoid Mr. Hazard (also known as your boss) if you want to keep playing!

No Golf Cart Required

Unlike the outdoor version, this golf game progresses quickly and is easy to learn. Also, and most important, it’s fun. Play through all 18 holes, improve your score, and blow off some steam. (Just make sure the boss isn’t looking.)