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Unraveling AnneToday you can get: Unraveling Anne just for $1.99 and Pocket Informant absolutely free.

The book get you in Los Angeles in 1950s. Anne Ford was the epitome of the California golden girl, a former beauty queen and model-turned-fashion designer whose success and charm were legendary. So how is it possible that such a woman could die in squalor, an alcoholic street person brutally murdered in a burnt-out West Hollywood building?

In searching for answers to the heartbreaking trajectory of her mother’s life, writer Laurel Saville plumbed the depths of Anne’s troubled past and her own eccentric childhood to untangle the truth of an exceptional, yet tragic, existence. What she discovered was a woman who was beautiful, well-educated, and talented—yet tormented by internal demons and no match for the hedonistic culture of Southern California in the 1960s and 70s.

With unflinching honesty and stirring compassion, Saville struggles to reconcile the two faces her mother presented the world: the glamour-girl-about-town the public saw and the unpredictable, bitter alcoholic her children knew. Most importantly, Saville explores how what we bring forward from previous generations can shape our own lives, and how compassion and love for a difficult parent can be a person’s bridge to a better life.

The book has the following reviews:

“Saville creates lovely imagery and writes with introspection.” —Publishers Weekly 

“Riveting.”–Chronogram Magazine

“A remarkable read.” —Midwest Book Review 

“[Unraveling Anne is] as unflinching an act of courage as you’re likely to find in everyday life…Laurel Saville is capable of the gaze of steady, lucid prose that continually ascends to eloquence, wisdom, and, at the end of it all, compassion.” –Bob Shacochis, National Book Award-winning author of Easy in the Islands and The Immaculate Invasion

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