Anti-Kindle rebuttal

kindleWhen the leaked Kindle sales figured came out earlier this week, a lot of the anti-Kindle crowd were silenced. However, a certain Liz Gunnison from was still very sceptical, claiming that the 240,000 represented a good proportion of the market. The article then does on to list why Amazon will have a difficult time selling more.

Liz Gunnison eventually whittles down the number of American’s who would be interested in buying a Kindle to about 500,000 – 2,000,000 people. You can read her article here, there’s a lot of misinformation and half-truth’s scattered around the article which makes Gunnisons analysis seem kinda factual, however, a post at thekindle offers a good rebuttal of the entire article.

The conclusion is that a lot of the anti-Kindle crew are now going through the ‘denial phase’, since the leaked sales figures didn’t agree with their assumptions that the Kindle was a doomed device from the beginning.

The article also fails to mention the international markets which Amazon has yet to offer the Kindle and it also fails to mention educational establishments, library’s and corporate organisations which could utilise the Kindle. A lot of these institutions are still evaluating the Kindle, so in my opinion there is still plenty of growth left in the Kindle, and when I say plenty I mean a LOT of growth.

The truth is, Kindle is less than a year old and is a first generation device, considering that, 240,000 units shipped in its first year is a very good statistic for Amazon. The market hasn’t yet fully embraced the Kindle, not a lot of people even know about the Kindle, but when they do, Amazon–in my opinion –will have the iPod of the book world.

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Business Like Bezos: interviews Amazon founder Jeff Bezos about the Kindle

Portfolio contributing editor Kevin Maney interviewed Jeff Bezos in a packed auditorium at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Bazos and Maney discussed many topics during the lengthy 1 hour 30 minute interview – everything from Bazos personal life, how he makes business/personal decisions, the founding and growth of Amazon, Amazons Infrastructure Services, Amazon Prime, Amazon A9 and of course the Kindle. It is a very in depth interview, Bazos goes into great detail about what the vision is for Kindle and how Kindle came to be – it is a fascinating interview and if you have the spare time its well worth watching.

We don’t all have a couple of spare hours every day, so if your just interested in what Bazos has says about the Kindle then you can skip most of the interview – Bazos starts talking about the Kindle in part 3 at 3min 25sec into the interview.

Partial Transcript by

Portfolio: Let’s talk about the Kindle. What do you want it to be?

Bezos: Any book, in any language, ever in print should be available in less than 60 seconds. We worked on it for three years. It’s been selling out since being released.

Portfolio: You sold how many?

Bezos: You asked that so innocently, but you know I’m not going to answer. We have a long-standing practice of being very shy about disclosure, and I’ll stick to that practice. The Kindle has substantially exceeded our expectations.

Portfolio: Every effort at e-books has failed. Why should this one work?

Bezos: We decided we were going to improve upon the book. And the first thing we did was try to determine the essential features of a physical book that we needed to replicate. The No. 1 feature is that it disappears. When you’re in the middle of reading, you don’t notice the ink or the glue or the stitching or the paper — all of that disappears, and you’re in the author’s world. Most electronic devices today do not disappear. Some of them are extraordinarily rude. Books get out of the way, and they leave you in that state of mental flow.

Portfolio: How do you improve on that?

You can watch the full interview 6 part interview here.

Source: Wired