Strimko: A New Game for Kindle

strimkoI am astounded at how quickly the game industry for the Kindle has really taken off over the last few months.  It is fun to see what create ideas different companies come up with. Braintonik, a Canadian casual gaming company recently introduced a new game for the Kindle called Strimko.

Strimko is a Sudoku type game where the player tries to insert numbers in rows and columns without repeating the number. The player also creates “streams” which crisscross across the grid.  So, not only do you have to try to get different numbers on the rows and columns, but you have to make sure they are different diagonally as well.

There are four difficulty levels.  Instead of the same nine by nine grid in Sudoku, you’ll get a larger grid for each level of difficulty in Strimko.  The easy level contains a 4 x 4 grid, while the master level consists of a 7 x 7 grid.  Each level contains 30 puzzles.  This ought to keep you busy for awhile especially considering the game only costs about 3 bucks.

Strimko was just released on March 22, so there aren’t any reviews yet.  I’m eager to see what Kindle 3 users think of this game and the graphics.  I also am curious to know what users think of it compared to Sudoku.

New York Times Crossword Puzzles – Kindle Edition

Crossword Puzzle lovers take note!  You can get 4 volumes of the New York Times Crossword on your Kindle or Kindle DX for prices as low as $1.99.

Volume 1

Volume 1 includes 30 puzzles.  They are easy and a good set to start with before moving on to the more challenging volumes.  The puzzles include the option to check for errors and reveal one letter or the whole word.

Catherine Winterfox does a good breakdown of what is good and what’s not on Volume 1:

“The good:
–Clues are right where you can see them, both across and down.
–Everything is very readable.
–Answer checking is available.
–Fully interactive.

The not-so-good:
–The game doesn’t know where the next answer should be placed, so you have to scroll around a bit to get to a clue on the next line.
–It’s slow. There is significant lag time between typing and letters appearing, but you can type ahead.”

Volume 2

Volume 2 has great reviews.  It includes 90 puzzles: 30 Monday, 30 Tuesday and 30 Wednesday.  The price is a little more than Volume 1, but based on what you get, it is worth it.  If you are familiar with New York Times crosswords, you’ll know that the puzzles get progressively harder throughout the week.  I think I’ll stay on Monday…

D. Knight “Dee Dee”:

“I’m impressed with the screen and the user interface. You see the entire puzzle with all its clues, and the clue you are on is listed at the top. It is very clear. There are quite a few options that you can change including layout, font size, etc. The 5-way moves you around one block at a time with the center changing your orientation. The return moves you to the next clue. If you want to jump to a specific clue, <.> (period key) brings up a box where you can enter the number, no <alt> needed. All in all, very well thought out interface. If in doubt, press <menu> when the puzzle is up.”

Volume 3

Volume 3 is perfect if you are looking for a challenge.  Looks like even the experts are stumped…

K. Kilbourne:

“I usually am able to complete expert or challenging puzzles, but I haven’t even completed the first puzzle yet. I have been working on it, but am stumped by several of the clues. So be warned, these are truly challenging crosswords for the determined puzzler.”

Volume 4

Based on the review of Volume 4, it is a huge battery suck.  I’m not sure what version of the Kindle the reviewer has, but I am curious to know what makes Volume 4 so much more of a battery drain than the other ones.  You get a huge selection: 90 puzzles and they present a great challenge.