Daily Deals: Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead and Flick Kick Rugby

Claire DeWitt and the City of the DeadToday Amazon offers Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead by Sara Gran just for $1.99

Here are some reviews on this book:

“Delicious and addictive.”—Salon.com

“The book is beautifully written in a tight, quirky style that distinguishes Gran as one of the more original writers working today.”—Bruce DeSilva, Associated Press

“One of the genre’s most original characters in years, reads . . . as if David Lynch directed a Raymond Chandler novel.”—CNN

Claire DeWitt believes she is the world’s greatest PI, even if few agree with her. A one-time teen detective in Brooklyn, she is a follower of the esoteric French detective Jacques Silette, whose mysterious handbook Détection inspired Claire’s unusual practices.

Claire also has deep roots in New Orleans, where she was mentored by Silette’s student the brilliant Constance Darling—until Darling was murdered. When a respected DA goes missing she returns to the hurricane-ravaged city to find out why.Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead is a knockout start to a bracingly original new series.

“The hard-living, wisecracking titular detective bounces around post-Katrina New Orleans trying to track down a missing prosecutor in this auspicious debut of a new mystery series—and the Big Easy is every bit her equal in sass and flavor.”—Elle

“What would you get if that punkish dragon girl Lisbeth Salander met up with Jim Sallis’s Lew Griffin walking the back streets of New Orleans? Or Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone transformed herself into a tattooed magnolia driving a 4×4? Clare DeWitt, that’s what you’d get . . . DeWitt’s mesmerizing character and memorable voice take your breath away.”—New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Just when I begin to despair that the PI novel has worn out its welcome, a writer with a fresh take reminds me why I fell in love with the genre. Sara Gran has long specialized in shaking up and revitalizing other corners of the genre world, so it’s no surprise that she performs this same magic in Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead.”—Laura Lippman

Some words about the Author

Sara Gran is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, Come Closer, a psychological thriller hailed as “hypnotic, disturbing . . . Genuinely scary” (Bret Easton Ellis), and Dope, a noir homage. A former bookseller and native of Brooklyn, she now lives in Northern California.


Flick Kick RugbyFlick Kick Rugby is a game for your Kindle Fire which you can install for free today only.

Feel the intense pressure, excitement, and skill of Rugby conversion kicking with this fun sports title from PikPok Games. Try to make kicks from different angles and distances, and even take into account shifting wind speeds and directions. Choose from Sudden Death, Arcade, Time Attack, and Practice modes, then use the intuitive flick controls to begin playing right away. Easy to pick up but hard to put down, this classic time-killer is sure to appeal to casual gamers and die-hard rugby fans alike.


In Flick Kick Rugby, players make conversion kicks of varying difficulty through the goalposts at the end of the pitch. Pick one of four different game modes: Practice, Sudden Death, Arcade, or Time Attack, and try out Flick Kick Rugby’s intuitive control system to begin making kicks like a pro.

To make a kick, simply line your finger up with the ball and flick the touchscreen in the direction of the goalposts. Not every kick is straightforward though: experiment with curving left or right in your followthrough, or give a longer swipe to kick the ball further. Find the technique that works for you, then adjust each kick to account for changing windspeeds and angles.

Challenging Conditions

To add to the difficulty, factor in winds that can come from any angle or change severity with each kick. Anything from a light breeze to gale force winds must be taken into account if you want to succeed.

Online Scores and Achievements

Flick Kick Rugby features online leaderboards and achievements with OpenFeint support. Rack up the points and then post your newest scores to Flick Kick’s global leaderboards. Think you’re good? Show off your skills online as you compete against others for the top spot!

Multiple Game Modes
Sudden Death

Challenge your concentration with this classic test of skill. Score as many conversions as possible without missing. With no time limit given, just focus and keep making kicks to add multipliers to your score.

Arcade Mode

Make five kicks from five different positions on the field. Adjust your aim to score as many points as possible, then use the last ball at each position to score additional bonus points. Keep making successful field goals to build up a score multiplier, but watch out for changes in wind strength and direction: you’ll need nerves of steel to keep that multiplier going under pressure!

Time Attack

Score as many conversions as possible within the given time limit in this quickfire flick kicking challenge. As each successful kick adds on bonus time, you’ll have to keep cool and maintain steady aim to rack up a new highscore.

Practice Mode

Take the pressure of scores and time limits off your shoulders as you perfect your technique and learn how to become the best flick kicker in the world.

Key Features
  • Simple and intuitive flick controls make it easy to pick up and begin play
  • Challenging gameplay with shifting windspeeds and target distances
  • Loading screens with famous rugby quotes and trivia
  • Roaring crowds and full 3D graphics bring a new level of realism to the virtual pitch
  • Compete against the global community through OpenFeint online scoring and achievements