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Kindle 3G + WiFi no longer sold out

Amazon Kindle 3

Amazon Kindle 3

I’ve just checked Kindle 3G + WiFi product page on amazon.com and Kindle 3 is back in stock. You can order one now and receive it next morning with overnight shipping. Kindle WiFi was no longer on backorder since yesterday evening.

So finally Amazon has caught up with the demand. At least for the time being…


Kindle 3 Stock And Review Update

Amazon Kindle 3

Amazon Kindle 3

The wait is over. As of now Amazon Kindle 3 WiFi is back in stock on Amazon.com Рno more backorders.  You can order yours today and receive it within a day or in about 5 days depending on shipping method and where you are located.

Kindle 3 3G+WiFi seems to be more popular and it still remains sold out. Estimated ship date for current orders is September 22nd (1 week delay). The wait time has considerably shortened compared to several weeks when the device was originally released.

Kindle DX (either 2nd generation white or Graphite with a newer screen) are also in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Relatively low demand for Kindle DX is explainable: with Kindle 3 WiFi out it’s inevitable that at some point Kindle DX WiFi will follow (perhaps with a price reduction to boot). Public (me included) are waiting for this moment.

As far as reviews go, Kindle 3 has accumulated 883 reviews so far. 58% of reviewers give it best possible five out of five stars, 18% gave it solid four stars, 7% gave it average three stars, 5% – poor two stars and 12% – slammed it with a one star review.

Kindle Sold Out in 5.5hrs! No Word on When New Units Will Be Available

Kindle Sold Out in 5.5hrsYeah it’s old news from November, but I still think it needs to be mentioned on this blog. It’s still amazing to me that Kindle sold out in just 5.5 hours.

However this was over a month ago and Amazon.com still says that Kindle is out of stock, and there is still no word on when new units will be available. With Christmas just one week away many people will not be able get one in time, so what do you guys think? is Amazon purposefully holding onto new units in order to build up buzz about the device ?

We will let you know the minute that Kindle is back in stock.