Daily Deals: The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher and Ice Cube Caveman

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective

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“[A] fastidious reconstruction and expansive analysis of the Road Hill murder case…Summerscale smartly uses an energetic narrative voice and a suspenseful pace, among other novelistic devices, to make her factual material read with the urgency of a work of fiction.”New York Times Book Review

“A terrific book.”—Nicholson Baker

“A brilliant reconstruction of the obstacles facing detectives long before the advent of forensic technology.”—L.A. Times Book Review

“Not just a dark, vicious true-crime story; it is the story of the birth of forensic science, founded on the new and disturbing idea that innocent, insignificant domestic details can reveal unspeakable horrors to those who know how to read them.”—Time

One eloquent doozy of a true-crime thriller. A-”—Entertainment Weekly

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher combines a thumping good mystery yarn with fine social and literary history.”—Fresh Air

 “This is a great biographical fiction of an interesting real life mid nineteenth century detective working a shocking homicide case.”—Mysterylovers.com

“Fascinating.”—Denver Post

“If you are a mystery lover, or if you have ever wondered how the modern love of the genre began, you’ll enjoy Summerscale’s tracing of the early days of the profession and the fascination it exerted…a fascinating look at Victorian life, death and detection.”—Associated Press

“In crime annals, it’s right up there with the Lindbergh trial or the mystery surrounding JonBenet Ramsey: In 1860, one of Scotland Yard’s finest was sent to solve the murder of a little boy at an upscale address near London. It turned out Jack Whicher’s hunch was right, and his footwork fed the public imagination as well as writers such as Charles Dickens. Sadly, failure to clinch the case in court upended Whicher’s career.”—Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Other reviews you can read here.

 Ice Cube CavemanIce Cube Caveman

Nine out of ten Cro-Magnons agree: the Ice Age is a tough time to be a caveman. Considering the sub-zero temperatures, severe fire shortages, and notoriously flimsy outfits, any caveman who isn’t working overtime is probably frozen solid. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

In Ice Cube Caveman, you’ll help a caveman live to shiver another day. Maneuver him along a narrow path of icy tiles toward life-sustaining fire, avoiding cracks along the way. Help him escape the ice cube he’s trapped in and lead him through increasingly difficult challenges.

Fire Over Ice, Brains Over Brawn

This logic-based puzzle game looks simple, but you’ll discover plenty of challenges as you work through its 60 challenging levels. 3D-like animation and quirky background music create an atmosphere of fun and suspense, and you’ll soon find yourself addicted to the rush of saving imperiled troglodytes from a chilly fate.

Tell the World, Spread the Warmth

The more cavemen you deliver to warmth and freedom, the greater your bragging rights. Submit high scores to the OpenFeint leaderboard, and boast to your friends about your caveman rescue skills.


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