Daily Deals: The Yellow House and My First Puzzles

The Yellow HouseToday Amazon offer you to buy The Yellow House: A Novel written by Patricia Falvey for $2.99.

A family’s future is in the hands of one very brave young Irishwoman in this accomplished debut set between WWI and the growing violence of the Irish war of independence. Eileen O’Neill inherits a lifetime of struggle and heartbreak when her family is ripped apart by war, disease, mental illness and greed. And if civil war and family strife weren’t enough to deal with, Eileen is torn between James Conlon, a passionate Irish nationalist, and Owen Sheridan, a British army officer and the son of a wealthy family. As the war’s presence in her life intensifies, Eileen continues to weigh her heart’s pull against national pride, family loyalty, class divisions and her own spirit. This novel delivers the best of both worlds: secrets, intrigue and surprising twists will keep readers flipping the pages, while Falvey’s insight and poetic writing tugs at the heartstrings of the most cynical audiences.


“[O]ne of the best historical fiction novels I have read in years. . . . I simply could not pull myself away from this book. It took me back to classics such as Gaskell’s North and South and the heroine Eileen had so many of the qualities that I have always loved in dear Tess of Hardy’sTess of the D’Ubervilles. When one book can bring me back to two of my favorite books of all time that are both absolute classics, I am in awe. This book kept me emotionally invested until the very end. . . . Wonderfully written, magically created, it could only come from a true Irish lass and to be her debut novel. . . .amazing. I loved it . . . every page.” (Stiletto Storytime, March 14, 2010 on The Yellow House )

“If you like historical fiction, with great flourishes of families destroyed and remade, this is a classic.” (The Review Broads on The Yellow House )

My First PuzzlesMy First Puzzles is a game for your Kindle Fire. Today’s price is zero. You can get this application for free, but only today.

Whether your kids are looking for something to do on a rainy day or you’re trying to keep them occupied in the backseat, My First Puzzles is perfect. From the lovely graphics and cute sound effects to the actual puzzle challenge that will encourage your kids to think and improve their hand-eye coordination, My First Puzzles is an absolute hit.

Animal Favorites

From the wacky dog to the snuggly kitty and the fearsome lion, My First Puzzles has all of your favorite animals. Each of the 14 puzzles features a different cute animal. Your little one can arrange the pieces with easy touch controls to slowly reveal the full picture and eventually solve the puzzle. As puzzles are solved, the icons fill in until you have solved all of the puzzles.

Great Learning Fun

Designed for kids ages two to six, My First Puzzles is ideal for introducing children to puzzles. From the sound effects to the variety of puzzles, players are sure to be entertained while improving motor skills.