Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks

I’ve recently gotten a series of emails, and seen a small number of comments around the site here, from people confused or misinformed about what is and is not possible for the Kindle Fire at this point.  Mostly, as I mentioned previously, the result of misinformation still floating around the net from the state of things when it first launched.  Regardless of the reason, however, it seems worth going into some tips for getting the most out of your new Kindle Fire‘s potential.

 Remove Apps From The Kindle Fire

It has always been possible to just delete the local data that an app installs on your Kindle.  Just press and hold on the app’s icon and choose “Remove From Device”.  What if you want it gone entirely though, even from the Cloud tab of your App selection?

  • Go to
  • Go to Kindle > Manage Your Kindle
  • Sign in now if prompted
  • Select Manage Your Apps from the menu bar on the left
  • Find the App or Apps that you want gone in this list
    • Select “Delete This App” from the drop down menu next to each one
    • When prompted, choose “Delete”

Now, don’t be too upset when it does not disappear from the device’s menus immediately.  I found that it usually takes an overnight wait to get results right now.  Not sure why Syncing and such don’t do it immediately, but they don’t.  Regardless, now that Kindle Fire app is gone.

Return Library Book

I’ll start this out by mentioning that this advice may not complete the whole process.  Consult with your librarian in case it doesn’t, as some libraries have their own individual proceedures.

  • Go to
  • Go to Kindle > Manage your Kindle
  • Sign in now if Prompted
  • In your Kindle Library, find the book you want to return
    • From the drop down menu next to it, choose “Return This Book”
    • Do NOT choose “Delete”, as that will not return the book to the library system early

For the most part that is all that’s required.  Since all of the OverDrive software seems to be routed through the page when dealing with Kindle Book borrowing, it makes sense that this is the way you have to return.

Access All Magazine Issues

While the Kindle Fire might appear to only allow you to read the most recent edition of a magazine, but fear not!  All of your subscription should still be hanging around.  Simply navigate to the most recent issue, press and hold.  An option will appear to view back issues.

Obviously these are far from all of the useful things that one needs to be aware of when using a Kindle Fire, but there’s only so much room to work with here.  Let me know either here or in my email what you are interested in finding out and I will do the research and follow up!  No point in waiting and wondering how things work.

Kindle Shortcut List

Now many of you have had your Amazon Kindle for about a month now which means you should be comfortable with holding and reading on the device. Now that your using the Kindle has become second nature, you want to increase your productivity and get the most out of your Kindle. The best way to do this is to start using shortcuts.

Kindle has many shortcuts and I have listed the ones I am aware of here; I’m sure there are more, if you are aware of any more please leave comment explaining what the shortcut is and what it does. So without further ado, here is a complete Amazon Kindle shortcut list:

“1”, “2”, “3” … “99”

Go to the corresponding page in the Home Menu
For multiple digit pages, you’ll have to type the digits FAST

“a”, “b”, “c” … etc.

From sorted Home Menu, Jump to corresponding page
If your home page is sorted alphabetically by either Title or Author, hitting a letter will jump to the page containing the first entry starting with that letter. “The” is ignored. Indefinite Articles are ignored.


Store Search Shortcut
On the search line enter “@store


Web Search Shortcut
On the search line enter “@web


Wikipedia Search Shortcut
On the search line enter “@wiki


Minesweeper Game
Must be at Home screen to activate


Sleep Mode Toggle
Enter/Exits sleep mode (toggle)


Bookmarks the current page


Time Function
Shows the current local time in the lower left hand corner

USB Hubs

Hub Configuration Requirement for Kindle
Must be Powered!

SHIFT+Next Page & SHIFT+Previous page

Skip forward and back
Skips ahead and back 5% of the book length

Skip Ahead More Than One Page on a Kindle

The folks at have discovered a neat trick where you can skip more than one page on a Kindle device. If your unlucky enough to be reading an eBook which does not have chapters it can be a pain getting to the page you want to read, or if you just want to skip ahead a couple of pages in a newspaper or blog article. This trick lets you skip ahead 5% of the books length.

I was wishing there was a feature that would allow you to jump ahead with more than just a single page. I just learned that you can jump 5% of the book forward or backward by pressing and holding the alt key and the next or previous page keys.

The trick is that you hold down the Alt key and press the next or previous page key, this should let you skip ahead 5% of the books length.

Props to Kindle Chat for the heads up.

Source: Kindle Chat – How to skip more than 1 page on a Kindle