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Kindle Makes Top 10 Gadgets of the Year 2007

wired logoKindle has made it as one of the Top 10 Gadgets of the Year according to Wired.com. It makes it to Number 7 on the list, not bad for a gadget that was released just last month!

Other gadgets that make it on the list include the Optimus Maximus Keyboard, the HP Blackbird 002, Microsoft Zune 2 and the Apple iPhone. It’s nice to see that Kindle is getting the recognition it deserves for being one of the best gadgets in 2007.

Interestingly enough, the Kindle also makes it into Wired.com Top 10 Heartbreaking Gadgets of 2007 stating;

No native PDF support. Costs as much as a low-end laptop. “Klugey” keyboard. Clumsy, extortionate e-mail conversion process for adding your own files. And the web browser? Crippled.

I think you either love Kindle or you hate it and in Wired’s place, you love and hate it at the same time!

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Link: Wired Top 10 Heartbreaking Gadgets of 2007