USA Today Launches Kindle Fire App

Kindle Fire magazine apps haven’t really had the best reviews overall because they either don’t show all of the content that consumers want, or they are clunky.   I think this situation is about to change as more top rated apps appear to nudge others to make the improvements.

One of those top notch apps comes from USA TodayUSA Today recently added an app optimized for the Kindle Fire.   The rich text and graphics that go along with USA Today sets the example for what a top quality Kindle Fire App should look like.

USA Today is free.  It can’t get any better than that.  It is also available on just about all mobile devices, the web, and in print.

USA Today is national daily newspaper that is printed every weekday.  It covers every topic under the sun: politics, economy, life, entertainment, weather, technology, and the latest headlines.  If you want the latest news going on all over the world, this is your newspaper.  On Fridays, check the newspaper for entertainment ideas for the weekend.

Right now, the biggest headlines are the upcoming election and the wrap up of the war in Iraq.  The Kindle Fire’s vibrant display fits perfectly with the pictures and videos that go along with this app.  Good apps go a long way in enriching the reading experience for magazines and newspapers.

E. Luna

“In my opinion, this is exactly what every news app should be like. It is easy to navigate, and it keeps me up to date on all the news. All other news apps should take note. ”

Tim D. Hendon

” The layout is outstanding and is very
easy to use. The graphics are razor sharp with no pixilation and
the articles are well layed out. Wish that under the Sports tab that
high school sports were included. Overall, a winner in the news media. ”


USA Today Adds Kindle Sales to Best Seller List

USA Today LogoIt seems like the USA Today has decided to include Kindle book sales in their best seller lists.  This move demonstrates just how significant the Kindle is becoming in the publishing world.  Sales on the Kindle store have grown to such a large number that they’ve come to be considered just as signifcant as traditional sales.

This move is also a great way for the USA Today to increase the influence of its best seller list.  For most people, best selling books is synonymous with with the New York Times Best Seller List.  The New York Times list the one recognized by Amazon (where Best Sellers are discounted) and most other retailers.  Not to mention the fact that you usually don’t see advertisers quoting a book’s position on the USA Today Best Seller List.  But by adding Kindle sales, the USA Today is trying to anticipate current trends and make headway against the Times list.  So far, the USA Today is the only publication to have done this, which might mean that their list will be more accurate.

Unless of course The New York Times already counts Kindle sales.  The data used to compile their list is a trade secret, so its possible they already include electronic sales and just haven’t told anybody.