Airplane didn’t brick my Kindle this time

Recently I took another transatlantic flight with my family. I was reading Wolves Of Calla on Kindle DX, my wife was reading Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy on Kindle 2. Unlike previous time both devices survived the flight just fine.

It’s worthwhile to note that TSA folks made me take both Kindles out of my carry-on and run them through the security¬†scanner separately just like they do with notebooks. But they’ve let them through without any problems of course.

6 thoughts on “Airplane didn’t brick my Kindle this time”

  1. I’ve never had to take my K2 out of purse and run it through separately, they might have been more interested in the DX due to the larger size?

  2. I’ll be taking my Kindle on its first flight at the end of the month. I hope that does not happen to mine. I read your first article about the issue in horror. Glad that it didn’t happen again. Do you think that it had anything to do with a certain production run or is that a recurring issue? Anyway it will be nice to have only three electronics to carry on with me, iPhone, camera, and of course my Kindle 2.

  3. Hard to say if it’s tried to specific production run or it’s general issue with very little chance of happening. Either way I believe that thousands of people take their Kindles on airplanes and only a few have problems.
    Also warranty is your friend.

  4. I just flew from Boston to Oregon and TSA never asked me to take my Kindle out of my bag. Also, even though I was specifically asked to turn off my cell phone, no one seemed to care about me using my Kindle during takeoff or landing.

  5. I think, as long as wireless is off you should be ok since Kindle suspends it’s CPU when there is no screen update or keys pressed so it probably emits less radio-waves than digital wristwatch

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