Hacking the International Kindle – First Attempt

RS-232 to TTL converter for Kindle
RS-232 to TTL converter for Kindle

If you were wondering why there were no posts lately – I’ve been busy trying to come up with a way to install Unicode Font Hack on Kindle 2 International. Rather than ordering ready-made USB-RS232-TTL converter I’ve decided to have some fun with little hardware project and create one myself.

Unfortunately I’ve short-circuited something within Kindle when connecting wires to the serial console and pretty much bricked the unit. This is yet another reminder to people that you shouldn’t try to hack something like Kindle unless you are willing to brick it.

Right now I’m waiting for the next specimen to arrive as I’m determined to make Unicode Font Hack to work and make International Kindle truly international.

I bricked one Kindle a while back when I was creating the original Unicode Font Hack and succeeded on the second attempt. I hope that with international Kindle this will also be the case…

13 thoughts on “Hacking the International Kindle – First Attempt”

  1. Huge thanks for your dedication and efforts and keep up the good work – cyrillic fonts will really help us out and make our International Kindle twice as useful. Fingers crossed the next attempt works. Much appreciated.

  2. Great thanks for your effort. Unicode enabled Kindle is 10x useful than the original for non-native English speakers. Good Luck.

  3. Hello,
    Speaking of unicode fonts, can you confirm if the following characters are available by default on the international Kindle2? é á ó ö ü ő
    It would be nice to be able to read Hungarian material on it as well.

  4. Hi, thanks for you dedication on this trying.
    And, I recommend the CP2102 chip, if you’d like to play with a little hardware project…
    It’s a single chip solution that converts USB to TTL serial port. And, since it’s USB, no extra power needed, just connect txd/rxd/gnd, and 4 pins USB on the other side… :)
    With its official driver, it will be recognized and used as a normal serial port.

  5. many thanks for your efforts. unicode support would be much appreciated and i would be ready for a small contribution to the costs of the ruined specimen :-)

  6. GOOD LUCK and giant thanks for your dedication to bringing the unifonts hack to the international Kindle. Many of us are almost literally holding our breath hoping for news of your success! Thanks again!

  7. Current Kindle 2 owners are screwed – no upgrade to International is available – just buy all new!!!

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