I’d like to read this book on Kindle – make it so publishers!

Id like to read this book on KindleThe Amazon team have added a new button below any book which is currently not available on the Kindle. The new “Please tell the publisher” button aims to alert publisher of a demand for a particular book by Kindle owners and hopefully prompting them to publish a Kindle version of that book.

This is what Amazon said on its blog;

Our goal is to make every title available for Kindle, and to that end some eagle-eyed Kindle owners and enthusiasts have already noticed and been using a new tool to help us do just that. If you’re frustrated that a physical edition of a book is not (yet) available in Kindle version, just look below the book’s image on its product detail page and you’ll find a box that reads, “Please tell the publisher.” Click on the “I’d like to read this book on Kindle” link and we’ll forward your request. Make your voice heard.

It is a nice feature which will hopefully be used by Kindle owners to highlight old and new books which publishers haven’t bothered to Kindle-ize, yet. It would be also nice if once you have submitted you request to be notified by Amazon if the book does become available on the Kindle,

Next step is magazines and newspapers which should also have this button.

Source: Official Amazon Kindle Blog

3 thoughts on “I’d like to read this book on Kindle – make it so publishers!”

  1. My thoughts exactly – wouldn’t it be great they would let us know when they do become available on kindle. Seems like the next step in the sales process for Amazon. Find out interest, and then reminder when it’s available. I had a personal wishlistt set up where I put all of the books I wanted on kindle. As soon as I saw that let the publisher know button I went through the whole list and requested all of them.

  2. Great post, and a great comment too! Amazon doesn’t do a good job letting us know when a print book becomes a Kindle book…. I ran into this problem so many times that I created a website which lets me monitor print books on Amazon.com to alert me the moment they become Kindle books:


    I thought I would pass on the URL to you & your readers because you seem very passionate about this topic, and I could use some early-adopter feedback if you have the time….

    Cheers, Jason

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