International Kindle may come to Canada and New Zealand soon

No doubt many Canadians New Zealanders were greatly disappointed by the fact that International Kindle will not ship to their countries today. However not all hope is lost. According to publications by New Zealand PCWorld and The Globe and Mail, Amazon is currently involved in intensive talks with Vodafone regarding the wireless access in NZ and with three different wireless phone companies in Canada.

It looks like Amazon decided to postpone the launch rather than ship devices without wireless access to these markets. I guess this was done to avoid negative initial reviews that would hurt sales in the long run. After all, without the wireless access book buying experience for Kindle becomes even more cumbersome process that with Sony readers.

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  1. Hi, I live in Cyprus (EU) and i am interested to buy the new Kindle DX (International). Now will my wife, which she is from Bulgaria, be able to download and read Bulgarian Books from Cyprus? Will the language change by default to Bulgarian from English if we download Bulgarian Books? I am bit confused to be honest. I have seen that there is no wireless yet in my country therefore i will have to download from pc and then transfer them to Kindle. Which Kindle will be ideal to buy? Also how we will find Bulgarian Books to download?

    Sorry for all the questions but i really want to buy her this present as she likes to read and her birthday are coming shortly.

    Many thanx

    Sofoklis Charitou

  2. I’m from Canada, and ended up buying a Sony a year ago because I couldn’t get my hands on a Kindle. If it comes to Canada (DX), and if I can subscribe to newspapers I’ll buy one. If not, I’ll pass and jump on board the Apple tablet if that will allow me newspapaer access.


  3. I did notice yesterday/today that Amazon has revised the “spiel” they have
    on their website viz.-a-viz. Canada. Apparently, they are no longer working
    “hard” to bring the Kindle/Kindle content to Canada. “Talks” have broken down?

  4. Once again the Canadian CRTC (culture guardian which also regulates telecom/broadcast) has messed this up. Over sensitivities on canadian copyrights puts the canadian consumer at a disadvantage. AND that there are only 3 “real” wireless providers in Canada offering national coverage to take on the Kindle is pathetic. So Amazon please do not give in to apple-like exclusive contracts; bust that archaic model open and get this to the masses! Oh and CRTC; get your head out of the clouds and open up wireless to greater “material” competition – thanks for the last spectrum auction; but now get out of the way and let them be properly developed.

    I have sony e-reader; two generations and woud drop it in a minute for wireless kindle giving me magazine and newspaper access.

  5. We can now get the Kindle 3 3G in New Zealand, but not the DX! What gives, after all as far as the carriers are concerend they are the same product.

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