Kindle DX Release Date Is Set

Amazon Kindle DX
Amazon Kindle DX

According to Amazon website Kindle DX will ship on the the 10th of June 10th, 2009. There were some speculations earlier about release date being 6th of July or 24th or June. However as it turns out we can start enjoying large screen reading much sooner.

I hope that my order it high enough in line to ship on first day Kindle DX is available so you can see a comprehensive hands-on review from me as soon as it arrives.

As for the Kindle DX Release Date contest, I realize that one week before official announcement rule would bar all entries but I wouldn’t feel right about it. Therefore I’ll choose a winner from people who submitted entries on or before 31st of April. I’ll post results once I’ve contacted the winner. I don’t think anyone would object to this last minute change in the rules.

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5 thoughts on “Kindle DX Release Date Is Set”

  1. You write “Therefore I’ll choose a winner from people who submitted entries on or before 31st of April.”
    I think anyone who submitted an entry on April 31st should be a winner…

  2. I’m curious what your plan is as far as Kindle usage… Do you see Kindle DX as a replacement of Kindle 2? Or use Kindle 2 when traveling or when it’s convenient to have something smaller. Or use Kindle DX for magazines & newspapers and Kindle 2 for books?

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  4. I’m planning to use the DX for reading PDFs and those eBooks which have diagrams or maps that are not very usable on the K2. The K2 is still ideal for its portability and for general light reading. I think one is a complement to the other rather than a replacement.

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