Kindle HTML5 Previewer

Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) has recently announced the Kindle Previewer, a feature that will allow users to sample the texts of interesting eBooks directly through the main Amazon web site without recourse to any sort of special software.  Users will simply be able to open the site from within any HTML5-compatible browser and view a bit of the book in question.  Should it be what they’re looking for, these same users can click on a conveniently placed “Buy” type of button that will put through the purchase and send your new book to your Kindle, Cell Phone, Computer, iPad, or whatever you happen to be Kindle-ing on these days!

This announcement only emphasizes the often-overlooked fact that the Kindle platform is about a lot more than the Kindle device.  Whether the hardware continues to do well or not, and I sincerely believe that it will be even better than ever with the upcoming release and a fairly steady stream of firmware updates adding new features all the time, Amazon isn’t going to be letting go of their grip on the eBook marketplace any time soon.  Paper books are here to stay, as many people have said since the eReader concept began to become popular, but never again are they likely to be the exclusive medium for their content.

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