Kindle International Coverage

Kindle International Coverage Map
Kindle International Coverage Map

Even before Kindle International (K2i) has shipped, Amazon has already made changes to features that are available (browser and blogs support was removed for the only 3 countries that were going to have it besides the US: Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong) but then making the browser available again but not blogs, so the table that I’ve published in the original post became outdated. Since a lot of people found that table useful, I’ve rearranged it a bit, updated with the most recent data and published it as a Kindle International Coverage Map page. I’ll keep updating this page as the situation changes.

If you happen to find any errors or inconsistencies in that table – let me know and I’ll fix them.

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  1. If bought in USA and downloads are by USA credit Card and I traval to La Paz Bolivia can I download local newspaper Tampa Tribune?

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