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Amazon recently introduced two new free games for the Kindle called “Every Word” and “Shuffle Row.”  “Every Word” is a speed game where you try to make as many words as you can in empty spaces on a board from a scrambled list of letters.

In “Shuffled Row,” you race to see how many words you can make from 60 letter tiles.  Both games are fun but maintain a literary element.  The best part?  Both of these games are free!  Hopefully, there will be more free or low priced games to choose from in the near future.  Unfortunately, these games are not available for the original Kindle.

The reviews are very positive.  Both games are a lot of fun and addictive.  Even the graphics got good reviews, contrary to the complaints about graphics on Kindle magazines.  As word games, they seem to enhance the core goals of what the Kindle is meant for, which is reading.  Both games are also good fillers for when you are in between books or not in the mood to tackle a whole book.

Has anyone tired these new games?  So far, Amazon is only emphasizing the literary aspect of the Kindle.  It will be interesting to see if Amazon continues to take that route, or whether they will add more games that are not literary in nature.

7 thoughts on “New, Free Kindle Games”

  1. Both games are fun and a great way to waste time, at least you are increasing your vocabulary. Yes its like playing on a large gameboy. But I never thought I would be doing anything but reading on this device and these two games work pretty well.

  2. I’m enjoying “Every Word” fairly well. I think Amazon would be wise to continue to emphasize the literary aspect, though; if they highlight their “apps” (even after they have more of them), they couldn’t possibly compete on that front with the iPad (they could compete with other eReaders, of course, but the iPad would be the first thought in everyone’s minds the moment they hear the word “app” or “game”). Actually reading things is clearly where the Kindle shines, and doubtless always will.

    As to building my vocabulary, I don’t think these games will accomplish that. Sure, I meet plenty of words I’m not familiar with, but until they integrate the games with the dictionary, I’ll only know they exist, and not how to use them (and no, I’m not going to make note of them to look up after I’m done playing).

    Anyhoo, these games are a great diversion, a great improvement on the simple built-in Minesweeper game. :)

  3. I love Every Word! I wouldn’t say it will build my vocabulary but is certainly stretches my memory.

  4. I wish I had access… unfortunately, these games are only available to US customers, and not international ones (I am in Canada)… ah well, someday I may play!

  5. I tried to download but not find the path or button to download in Amazon. Would anyone tell me how to get it.

  6. i am using my kindle to post this comment but both games are amazing and fun to play but i wish there were more “fun” games

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