New Kindle Unveiling Soon?

As anybody who is interested can clearly see, today finds the Kindle sold out!  For some, this may be annoying since it means that you have to wait on your new eReader.  For those who’ve been following the news these last few months, however, this is simply a reinforcement of the good news we’ve been expecting for a while now.  The new and updated Kindle, with a thinner body and better screen(probably the same eInk Pearl display seen on the new Kindle DX Graphite), was announced as an August release a while back.  In the meantime we have seen refurbished Kindles going for close to $100, a major price drop on new Kindles, and a huge push in the Kindle platform across multiple platforms.  Definitely encouraging signs.

Now, will this be the much anticipated Kindle 3?  No idea.  The timing seems right in a lot of ways, but this could just as easily be a minor cosmetic update in the interests of giving Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) a further edge in the eBook market.  Either way, August should be a good month for fans of the device as we can be fairly sure to see something new.  Personally, all I really care about is the new screen.  That Graphite DX model is very nice to read on.

6 thoughts on “New Kindle Unveiling Soon?”

  1. Seems you were correct, they just announced the new smaller kindle with the new display. The new display is the only thing I care about, same as you. My only concern is the ability to read all my Russian books on the new kindle. I was wondering if you were planning on making your wonderful fonts hack for this version as well? My decision on whether to get one or not depends on it =). THANK YOU very much for all your hard work!

  2. AAAAAAHHH!!!! STILL no color or video, after teasing all of us with the Kindle for xxx app upgrades? Color or video may not enhance Steinbeck (really, nothing short of several beers will) but it sure helps with magazines, technical reference books, and things like Cookbooks, which could have demonstrations imbedded!

    What are they thinking?

  3. I’m guessing they’re thinking they’ll concentrate on making a book reader rather than trying to compete with an iPad. I’d much rather have the new kindle if the screen quality is substantionally better that plays no video/has no color rather than having to pay a bunch extra for features I really don’t need.

    I’ve been using the K2 for over a year and I’m extremely satisfied with it. This is a book reader, its not a tablet. My only beef is its hard to read in low-light so I’m hoping the increased screen contrast might help. If it had color & video, I’d bet it would cost substantionally more not to mention decreased battery life and increased size.

  4. True that I primarily use it as a book reader. Of course, cookbooks with demonstration clips for techniques, and magazines (which they DO advertise and sell for Kindle) would benefit greatly from video and color, respectively.

    Mirasol, incidentally, looks like a peachy screen solution…

  5. I fully approve of the new Kindle. Amazon is being smart by taking their already wonderful product and slimming it down while making it cost less. Lots of people think they should add color and video and a backlit screen, but by doing that Amazon would be getting rid of all the reasons the Kindle is BETTER.

    1. Battery life. If the new Kindle had video and color and a backlit screen, then the battery life would be cut substantially.
    2. Sunlight. If the new Kindle had a different screen, then they would be giving up the advantage of being able to read in direct sunlight with ease.
    3. Cost. The new Kindle is the most competitive eReader on the market now with all the features. A color screen/video would raise the cost substantially.

    I think Amazon is doing the right thing. They shouldn’t try to make the Kindle into a tablet to compete directly with the iPad. If people want an iPad, then they’ll just have to spend $400+ more. The new Kindle is exactly what it should be, the best dedicated eReader on the market.

  6. In fairness…things like the Mirasol display technology is a bi-stable reflective technology, just like e-ink, and is similarly priced (I believe). It just works differently and has good resolution with color.

    I don’t want backlighting or application support either. In fact, the Kindle already has things like the web browser I have no interest in. I just want my reader to support magazines, graphic novels, and “enhanced” media. I’m not looking to make it into a TV…

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