September 2009 Summary

There were some oddities with Kindle content count in the month of September. Just look at these graphs below…

Kindle book count was steadily increasing at 280 books per day for the entire month and Kindle store was about to post a gain of 8K+ books for the month when on the last day there was a sudden drop of 15,245 books. So final monthly delta ended up being -7,131 books with average loss of 238 books per day. I’ve checked today and the numbers are still way down, so it wasn’t a one day thing. So the final count is 342,479. This is about as many books as there were in the beginning of August.

Kindle Book Count for September 2009
Kindle Book Count for September 2009

Similar sharp drop happened in Kindle Blogs on the 5th of September. 222 blogs were eliminated from the marketplace. If we disregard this drop, number of blogs was increasing at around 10 new blogs per day which is still fewer than August gains. However with this drop factored the number of blogs increased by only 8. By the way, BlogKindle is still there on the marketplace and you can subscribe to it using your Kindle.

Kindle Blog Count for September 2009
Kindle Blog Count for September 2009

Perhaps Amazon decided to do some house cleaning and eliminate low quality and duplicate content. Perhaps they have made the admission rules more strict. This seems to contrast with Sony/Google strategy of piling in as much public domain content (which is mainly low quality or outdated) to impress customers with raw book numbers.

And finally, here’s a recoup of what happened in the month of September:

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  1. I’m pretty sure I noticed one of those deleted options. I have a great collection of all of L. M. Montgomery’s works that was $3.99 (I think). I was looking for it to have my friend buy it and couldn’t find the same one anywhere – all the other options were just partial collections of her work. Not sure why it got cut, but I’m more than a little irritated about it. I guess I just don’t understand the point of cutting content – it’s not like it takes that much effort to keep it cataloged with the amount of stuff in Amazon’s system…

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