Sunday Night Links: 10 August 2008

Sunday Night Links

Welcome to the weekly news round-up!

Every Sunday we compile a list of our favourite stories from the past week, we also bring to you our selection of Kindle and Amazon related links from around the web. Compiled from blogs, magazines, main stream media and other sources, we hope these links will give you a definitive overview of what’s happening regarding the Kindle and what the Kindle community is talking about.

Why Sony lost the battle of the e-book – Financial Times

The Book on the Shelf – Washington Post

Will electronic readers take hold in the classroom? – Honolulu Advertiser

E-Book Readers: Changing the Way We Read – Fox Business

The marriage of human thought and paper – The Salt Lake Tribune

Kindle. Or Kindling? –

We Know How Many Kindles Amazon Has Sold: 240,000 – TechCrunch

Estimates put Amazon Kindle sales at 240,000 –

Amazon Kindle Sales Living Up To Projections, Surprising Some – Huffington Post

Despite flaws, Kindle a $100m success for Amazon – Ars Technica

Amazon May Have Actually Sold A Bunch Of Kindles (AMZN) – Silicon Ally Insider

Matt Mullenweg Loves His Kindle [podcast] – Mashable

Amazon swallows AbeBooks – Tech Radar

iPhone: Understudying the Kindle? – Ignis Fatuus

First thoughts on my Kindle – TeleRead

Will Kindles become as big as iPods? – Fresno Bee

Random Ebook Thoughts From A Jetlagged Mind – Book Square

My new favorite toy – dewumpy @

Wired: Is Kindle overly hyped? – SFN Blog

How I Met and Married My Kindle – Spontaneous Derivation

Kindle Monitors All Activity? – MobileRead Forums

Yet Another Shortsighted Kindle Perspective – Kindleville

No, Amazon Doesn’t Want to “Do Away with the Book as We Know It” – Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020 Blog

Buy This, Not That: Amazon Kindle vs. iRex iLiad – Slash Gear

Why Newspapers Should Go Digital for Profits – A Print Decision – Mosnar Communications, Inc. Public Relations Blog

Do You Own a Kindle? – Geek Sugar

kindle in the UK – MobileRead Forums

Amazon Kindle and divorce – PumpingPages

Is the print book destined for death? – Mitzi Szereto’s Weblog

An Amazon Kindle – cellphone combo in the future? – eReader Central

Kindling the flames of e-book controversy – Tech Lunch

Amazon Kindle Competes With iPhone App Store – HTLounge

The Amazon Kindle – some first thoughts – universitydiary

Kindle: Crap or Awesome? – Oh so random…

Rancho Mirage library offers new device for ‘electronic’ reading – The Press Enterprise

Kindle Sales Surprise! – Mover Mike

Amazon Kindle: On Fire or Burned Out? – Gadget Spice

Would you consider going back to paper books? – K.indled

How Newspapers Can Turn Problems Into Profit – Micro Persuasion

The Kindle: Redefining the Reading Experience (Is This Blasphemy?) – erin straza

Haiku Contest : Win a Kindle – Surpass Hosting

Kindle Impressions – Ruminations

Is Kindle the One? being an account of 1983 Buicks and other heresies –

Kindle .azw1 file – MobileRead Forums

Print IS Dead (Well, To Some Of Us. OK: Me!) – Mike Cain 2008

New Kindle! – Mr. Grouchypants

[Not a] Disadvantage of the Kindle: Sometimes Instant Is Not Good (But You Can Return It) – Spontaneous Derivation

Not with the DOJ – kindle formatting

But it’s not like it’s the iPod of reading or anything…..or is it? – temporus @ livejournal

Breaking Dawn Delayed for E-book Readers – Publishers Weekly

1 thought on “Sunday Night Links: 10 August 2008”

  1. As an author, I’m very excited about Kindle. It’s going to move publishing into a whole new area, giving back control to many of us who have lost control over their product, to say nothing of the endless frustrations of placing said product. As a reader, it offers me more choices in how I wish to actually read a book. I’ve written a recent blog about this very issue, naysaying the naysayers who are fearful that the print book is dead. Indeed, giving authors and readers more choice can only help not hinder the world of books.

    I’m pleased to be publishing on the Kindle platform and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship to enhance the one I already have with Amazon for my print editions.

    Viva Amazon!

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