Sunday Night Links #3: 6 January 2008

sunday night linksEvery Sunday night we will bring you Kindle links from around the web. Compiled form blogs, magazines, main stream media and other sources, we hope this link list will give you a definitive overview of what’s new regarding Kindle and what the ever growing Kindle community is talking about.

Kindle Summary 2007: Pros and Cons – Educational Paradigms

Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader SMACKDOWN – Gadgets Page

Amazon Kindle Does It All — Almost – The Street

Should You Use Kindle to Beta-Test Your Next Novel? – Gawker

Amazon Kindle, Magazines Could be the Killer App –

Kindle: gadget of mystery – Computer World

Kindle Kicks Newsprint’s Butt – Enterprise IT Planet Blog

Going Green with Kindle Reader! –

Amazon Kindle has JVM – Java Swamy

Why Amazon’s Kindle Is A Big Deal – Bear on Business

Kindle, dissed on Gawker, still sells for $800 on Ebay – Munseys

Not on the Same Page as Print is Dead – Structured Publishing

Would you buy a Kindle? – Chas’ Compilation

Feedbook delivers one-click Kindle downloads – Mobile Read Forums

Kindle isn’t the Most Desired E-book Reader – Kindle News

Jeff Bezos and Bestselling Authors Discuss Amazon Kindle

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