Sunday Night Links #8: 25 May 2008

sunday night linksEvery Sunday night we will bring you our selection of Kindle and Amazon related links from around the web. Compiled from blogs, magazines, main stream media and other sources, we hope these links will give you a definitive overview of what’s happening regarding the Kindle and what the Kindle community is talking about.

Amazon’s Kindle hopes to become the iPod of books – Fortune CEO promotes Kindle reader in shareholder letter – Newsvine

iPhone getting a Mobipocket eBook client. What’s that mean for Amazon’s Kindle? – jkOnTheRun

Amazon Heading Higher; Goldman Adds To Buy List – techtraderdaily

Amazon Briefly Runs Out of Kindles – Gawker

Should You Use Kindle to Beta-Test Your Next Novel? – Gawker

Don’t buy a Kindle – get a library card. A response to “The Digital Future of Books” – [in plain sight]

First Year Kindle Sales vs. iPod, Palm Pilot and Other Famous Gadgets: How’s It Doing? – Gizmodo

Kindle is Stupid – Amish Hockey Movie/Livejournal

The Digital Future of Books – The Inkwell Bookstore Blog

Kids ebooks on the Kindle – K12 Handhelds

Kindle Redux – Super Forset NYC

Does Amazon have the real iPod killer? – Zunemax

K-12 librarian: ‘Amazon won’t let us buy Kindle books’—but read on for some ideas – Teleread

Offline Wikipedia Reader For iRex Iliad – /.

Site compression a must with Kindle browser – Mobileread forum

See a Kindle in Your City – Mobileread forum

High Hopes for the Amazon Kindle – BizThoughts

Mainlining Kindle – poncer

The Silent Revolution – The QandO Blog

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