The Most Expensive Amazon Kindle eBook

most-expensive-amazon-kindle-bookAnd the winner is… Selected Nuclear Materials and Engineering Systems (Part 4)… Selling… Selling… Sold to the gentelman in the green coat for $6,431.20 at 20% discount from it’s print price of $8,039.00. I may have G-men knocking on my door tomorrow, asking why would I be interested in reading free sample of this book that Amazon kindly provides. And I’ll honestly answer that I couldn’t resist peeking in a book that costs more than my car.

If you are interested in the rest of the expensive books for Amazon Kindle – click here for a sorted list.

You may want to be extra careful with your mouse when you navigate these pages or you’ll end up charging 6K+ to your credit card with Amazon’s convenient “Buy now with 1-Click” feature… As well as when reading samples of these books on your Amazon Kindle as you can also order stuff there with a flick of a finger…

Previously Amazon had a bug that caused one of the books to display $41,916 as sale price for one of the eBooks but that was quickly fixed.


3 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Amazon Kindle eBook”

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  2. I had enough of a problem with an engineering text that I could buy for $140. The thing is, that at these high prices, you are paying almost entirely for the “intellectual property” – not distribution or production cost. I would like to have BOTH the hardcopy and Kindle versions, but not at 2X the cost. AMZN’s marketing needs to work on this – although I imagine the sales of > $100 books is not large. (Of course, they could throw in a free Kindle at these prices. :-)

  3. I will download the free sample — God only knows what this will do to my RECOMMENDED FOR YOU variable.

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