Twitter On Kindle

Since everyone is tweeting nowadays, I’ve decided to check how well does this service work in Kindle‘s Basic Web Browser. It turns out to be quite usable. I’ve created a profile using my PC and opened on Kindle. Both mobile and full versions render correctly in both basic and advanced modes. Advanced mode feels sluggish. However as you can see it’s entirely possible to tweet from Kindle on the go. For faster updates I would recommend using with Basic Mode.

Twitter On Kindle
Twitter On Kindle

Although I’ve created the account – don’t expect me to tweet much. I’d rather spend my time blogging here.

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  2. In order to support it navitely, someone would have to publish tweet feed as a blog on Kindle marketplace. Personally I don’t believe that Amazon would allow such a thing. There are third-party solutions that would let you do that but it wouldn’t be as convenient.

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