Publisher “Stunned” By Kindle Sales

Kindle with newspaperSilicon Alley Insider had reported on Evan Schnittman’s – of Oxford University Press – response to unexpectedly strong sales via Kindle:

That prompted Schnittman to look at his royalty statements, which he said “stunned” him: He had expected to sell up to 200 Kindle titles in December, but says the real numbers were “an order of magnitude” more than that.

Schnittman says that a buddy from ‘one of the biggest trade publishers in the world’ called him this week and explained to him how well the Kindle formatted eBooks were selling. In light of this news Evan Schnittman went to look at his royalty statements which “stunned” him. Schnittman says he has no idea if these kinds of sales will continue, but says that this has turned him from a digital skeptic into a digital believer and with sales figures like that it’s no wonder he’s a believer now!

With all this success, it raises the bigger question – How many eBooks does Amazon sell each month?

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Source: Silicon Alley Insider

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  2. I am a self publisher, using the DTP publishing for my own works. I have published a handful of my original works, and am amazed at the results. In my first month, publishing 1 title, I made over 300$. Second month, 2 titles, over 700$. Not bad for just uploading my stories. There is no cost involved, and no maintenence, I write my books, Upload them, put a price, and amazon does the rest. Kindle may be the best thing ever to happen to amateur or unpublished writers… Nice thing, you dont even NEED a kindle to publish on kindle…. Pretty amazing

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