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  1. Please help with my white off Kindle 3.

    My Kindle 3 white off and unable to show any pages. It happened after I pressed the “Home” button where it showed my library. Once on this page, I could not move the cursor or turn the pages. It remained unchange despite I turned off the “Power” by sliding left. I knew something was wrong then and decided to leave to turn off itself. However, after several hours I found the Kindle still showing the last page without turning off automatically. Then I decided to plug in the charger and hope this will turn the page off. After several hours of charging, the page still remain the same.

    Don’t know what to do, I looked up on your blog for hard reset and found it. Swiped the “Power” switch left for 15 seconds or more. Finally the Kindle reset and off it went and white off – blank and clean slate without anything. Here I try a soft reset and hard reset, still to no avail. Check up on the Amazon support site and suggested for a re-charge. Did that and tried soft and hard reset. Power light is green and a blink during a 15 sec reset, Still a blank screen. Tried and re-tried many times. It just doesn’t work anymore.

    My Kindle is no more than 4 months and it could not be that bad to fail in this short period of 4 months.

    Do anyone have similar problems and how do you overcome this?

    Hope someone can help.

    John Chan, SGP

  2. John, I had the same problem. I called Kindle. They had me hold the power switch in the off position for 60 seconds. Then it reset itself. If this doesn’t work, at the bottom of the Amazon store page there is a help tab. Click on it, then on contact, and select phone. You have a choice 1 minute or 5 minutes. But they’ll call and guide you through the problem.

    Hope this helps, sorry about not seeing this letter sooner.


  3. Who said it has to be a decade….Steve Potts, geoff Pike, Ray Stewart etc played for our club for more than most and they aren’t classed as legends.

  4. Thanks Lynn,

    I already have an article posted and waiting in queue. Fortunately it is an easily patched hole, at least for anybody willing to jailbreak their Kindle Touch.

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