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February 2009
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Jeff Bezos and Kindle 2 on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Now you can read books with one hand

Watch how “you can read books with one hand”, unforgettable laugh of Jeff and other fun moments about Kindle 2.

2 comments to Jeff Bezos and Kindle 2 on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Now you can read books with one hand

  • Margaret Trevett

    Kindle has its good points. But don’t drop it. My kindle, less than three months in use is now toast! I was told by customer service, that it is not covered under a warranty (for dropping) and I could spend $180 and get a RECONDITIONED one. I could buy 20 paperbacks for that, and I could drop the book, or walk on it or run over it, and I could still read it. I think something needs to be done to warn customers about the fragility of Kindle and to offer some insurance for things that happen over and above the warranty.

  • I became aware of the clip for the Jon Stewart show interviewing Jeff Bezos from the Kindle discussion on Amazon. Hilarious! I guess some people might think Stewart was being “insulting”..but that’s his style. The clip cracked me up! I have the Kindle 1…I must have gotten one of the last ever made (back in November of 2008. I love the thing. Hardly know how I managed without it,now, and this is from an avid-rabid lifelong book reader! Loved the fun on the clip with Stewart and Bezos. As a member of the Kindle Family, it really made my day (read with one hand, indeed!). As for the previous comment about dropping the Kindle: Goodness! That must have been quite a fall! I wouldn’t advise tossing the thing around like a football, or whacking it with a bat, but it’s pretty sturdy. Mine has taken a header from the edge of my bed more than once…and is still working fine (AND I have hardwood flooring!) Thanks for posting this clip. I’m still grinning!

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